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Posted: This is one of the best things I've read for a while. biggrin

Quite interesting read for UK and non-UK people. Tells you rules you know and take for granted but have never thought about.

"Most anthropologists go off to remote parts of the world to live among exotic tribes, observe their behaviour and ask endless questions in order to understand and explain their strange customs. In 1992, the BLRA asked the experienced social scientists at SIRC to apply the same research techniques in the British pub."

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Posted:Wow, thanks for that link it's sooo good. Will take me ages to read it all though!

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Posted:ubblol its all so true ubblol

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Posted:*shivers* i think they've been watching me :P



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Posted:Wow, it is all so true.

I never even thought of half of those!!

Great link Garthy!!

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Posted:omg that took me ages to read! very funny though hehehe

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Posted:This website is gold.


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gotta read it tomorrow, but I will smile This looks like it'll be fun, especially for an anthropological foreign observer like myself...

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Posted:79 pages and no mention of the most important rule of all "don't talk to the random person standing at the urinal next to you". Everynow and then you get someone who'se just really drunk, for which it can be forgiven, but using a urinal is the only time most of us men get our private parts out in public, and it's on the understanding that the guy next to you isn't gonna take a quick peek, then strike up a conversation. It's just wrong!


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Posted:ubblol haven't read it all yet...will do so next time i am procrastinating!! but i just read a post (not on here obviously!) from a friend who is currently in the uk about to move to the us...and he got kicked out of a pub called california! ubblol something about a fracas with a gorilla?

sounds like you poms have some very odd pubs...


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Posted:seen it, but never read the whole lot before - damn funny ubblol

here is a 'right click, save as' type link for those who might want it:

cole. x

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Posted:Wow! Anthropology really does come up with generally interesting stuff sometimes. Much better than the rubbish I have to read about studies of STD clinics and circumcision rituals!

(Seriously, all anthropology studies are interesting if you like looking at human nature, but man, they can be really hard to read and understand.)

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