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Doc Lightning
Doc Lightning

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Posted:So I got an E-mail yesterday telling me that I "may have" failed my last rotation, which was required for graduation. I'm very angry about this because the feedback I recieved mid-rotation was that "You aren't failing the rotation, but there are some things you need to work on." At no point did I have any indication that I was failing until yesterday when I checked my E-mail.

I have a meeting tomorrow with the head of pediatric medical education and with the professor who is considering handing me this failing grade. It's possible that in order to remediate this, I may have to stay here and repeat all or part of the rotation. Worst case scenario is that I would have to delay my graduation, but I'm very concerned that I may not be going to London at this point.

I will keep you updated.

-Mike )'(
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Liquid Cow
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Posted:Woohoo biggrin

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Posted:Written by: LIGHTNING


yay smile
Many congrats... finally graduating!!

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well done doctor lightning biggrin

see ya soon...

cole. x

this is another doc lightning (though she seems to be both a fake doctor and a genuine geek wink

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linden rathen
linden rathen

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Posted:congrats and wooot smile more ppl to meet :P




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Posted:Wahay congrats dude, made me worried I'd never meet you! see you in 3 days or so smile

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Posted:Written by: mech

move to the happy dance

Non-Https Image Link

That picture reminds me of, er, me smile

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Posted:as in your hair positioning is constantly changeing in eratic ways? biggrin tongue

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