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Fire Taiger, Spyro (Riley) and I were on our way through the park in town yesterday and a man came up to us, with a few friends, asking about what we were doing (spinning at the time) and then asking to try our poi. I gave them the usual disclaimer that if they got hurt or whatever they couldn't blame us and then the man tried, exposing himself as very drunk, as were his friends. After while they left, and I was rather glad but things weren't over. He started pushing his girlfriend that was with him and we followed to make sure that he didn't harm her seriously. They argued a little and then the man walked off. Thinking that he was gone for now, Riley asked the girl if she was okay, and she responded that she was thankfully, but the man became enraged that we would have the temerity to speak to HIS girlfriend so he ran after us, going after Riley first because he was the one who spoke, but in his impaired state, he lost sight of Riley and thought Fire Taiger was he, so he did this huge running punch and caught FT just behind the ear. We were backing off now, trying to not provoke him. (Side note: FT and I are martial artists but we were caught off guard, but maintained our calm and tried to persuade him to leave before he got seriously hurt) He came after me, as I was the closest and swung hard, catching me in the mouth. In reflex, I swung and hit him in the face, and my poi which were both in one hand, wrapped around his head, hitting him as well, and came out of my grip. He hit me again, and we retreated further. Finally, a nice older woman who knew the man stopped him and retrieved my poi for me (the man had been coming after us intending to use them as a weapon) and returned them to me. That ended the altercation and we left. After that we got fountain sodas at a nearby store as a consolation and as a reward for having the control to not rip him apart. Anyway, total injuries: a cut lip (me) and slight pain from a bruised ear piercing (FT). Possible biggest loss: My poi. So glad I got those back! Well, anyway, my point is that sometimes I lose faith in humanity and become inraged at the ignorance of those that fear that which they don't understand. Thanks for listening! Just needed to rant a little to clear off steam.

If you strap a piece of buttered toast, butter side up, to a cats back, would the cat get stuck in mid air if thrown due to quantum indecision?