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Posted:Just went to see "White Noise"
Most of it creeped me out, but the rest of it got me thinking about EVP.
EVP is the recording of the sounds and images of people who have died and are still trying to communicate something.
Personally i believe in something more than death, beyond that, not hellbent on it, but i do believe.
I was searching the net and found some recordings, some of them sounded convincing, oters semed like they were made up.
Has anyone ever tried EVP?
It has been proven that 1 in 12 EVP recordings has been threatening...out of the thousands and thousands recorded.
On the advertisement for the movie, they used a real image that someone had found last year while studying EVP.
It was of a woman who died in 1984.
Thomas Edison said soemthing about it before tv was invented..will find it and post again

Opinions? Comments? Critiscism? Anyone think i'm insane?

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Posted:Sethis, the point of the dictionary definitions was because you said:

Written by: Sethis

What?? So the only difference between a Theory and a Hypothesis is how difficult they are to prove?? That makes NO sense. Please clarify.

And all Hypotheses have foundations: the observation of phenomena that causes it! It says that in your own post!

I was clarifying as requested.

You also said "so does the theory "Aliens do exist" have no value?" well seeing as it's not a theory then it's not a valid question, but if it were a thorey then it would have the same value tha other theories have.

Sorry about the miscommunication caused by a post that was ment to stop it! Hows about we get back to EVP?

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Posted:Sure, why not?

*Has the decency to look embarassed at how far this thread went off-topic*

But then the only real experience I've had is watching the 6th Sense angel

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