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Posted:Ok, today a search for last registered and in has number 18943. It's going to be 20000 users soon. It is for some price, isnt it smile? Im here for about three yaers and its amazing how it grows.


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Posted:Well some folks have 3 or 4 thousand different screennames so it's not really that impressive. wink

Well, shall we go?
Yes, let's go.
[They do not move.]


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Posted:*cough*Ucof*cough* wink

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Posted:still it wasn't so long ago we hit 10 000, only about 6 months if my memory serves me correctly... eek

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Posted:wow, firetwirlers must breed like crazy

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Lycan:dam, i wanted to make citrus fruit pie.
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Posted:hahahaha nice addition lycanthrope

i dont know how the whole object manipulation thing is getting soooo big ,but at the moment it feels like its at a nice amount of people that spin, apart from in exeter of course cuz there is hardly anyone

but i fear it will soon get too big, if that is infact possible......rather like skateboarding perhaps

but there will always be those of us who stand out above the rest for being more talented smile

I like Languages.

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