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Posted:Ok so after have the chance to get up to Uberstaff and meet all the loverly Irish folk that went, ive decided that they are all so nice that they should be visited very soon.

If not only to steal more staff trix wink

So far they have kindly offerd places to stay, but are not sure on numbers but we are all grown ups and ive started this here so we can be a little organised.

Im thinking the weekend of the 17th June we fly over and come back on the Monday , then we can have much harcore spinnage on sat and sunday along with much tea drinking and doobie making smile

Call it a tribute to Uberstaff cool

So what i would like to know is who in ireland can make it to Dublin that weekend, and who in the Uk wants to come with me biggrin

So far the list of the UK attacking team is:




Dunc (in spirit)






So any other takers? flying from gatwick return will be max 40 if we book in next few weeks! smile the earlier we can decide the cheaper it will be!

Let the dissciussion begin weavesmiley

bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce

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