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The original drunk/stoned/vegetarian shapeshifter
Location: Blackhill, Australia
Member Since: 19th Apr 2005
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Posted:i loved this show so much, fox & badger were my favourite charactesr i hated toad, i cried when the mice were eaten by the butcher bird and when the hedgehog was hit by a car.

we need to get it back on air, unfotunately theres not a petition stie for australia. but if u live in UK go to http://www.petitiononline.com/theaofw/petition.html
and get it back.

may this show air forever ubblove ubblove ubblove

Lycan:are you a citrus fruit?
Lycan:dam, i wanted to make citrus fruit pie.
*Lycan walks off completely unaware he has once again been outwitted by the intellectual orange*


Its a bum with an afro...
Location: Newcastle NSW
Member Since: 11th Apr 2005
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Posted:hahaha, YAY Heman and Shera!!!......hahaha i went kyaking down sum rapids and the group i went with we called ourselves "Team Heman" cause we were so hard core hahaha
oh the memories.... captain planet - wat a trooper!

Racism is a weapon of mass destruction


Geek-enviro-hippy priest
Location: Diss, Norfolk
Member Since: 28th Sep 2004
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Ok, good news for fans! I have the first 30 copys of the Mag all in a box and in good condition. Some of the stickers are gone and some pictures coloured in, but good otherwise.

If anyone wants them...PM me and I'll send them to you...FREE! biggrin

PS, don't ask.

There's too many home fires burning and not enough trees

Location: my own little planet of ginger...
Member Since: 29th Apr 2005
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Posted:i say bring back all the old tv kids classics from the mid 80 s to the late 90s

kids tv programmes a today are mad2

they dont knoe what they,ve missed out on i mean common

trap door or teletubbie


burt wheres my dinner

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i dont get paid to belive i get paid to destroy things

Location: my own little planet of ginger...
Member Since: 29th Apr 2005
Total posts: 110
Posted:any 1 remember the toxic advenger

saturday morning tele

i dont get paid to belive i get paid to destroy things



Member Since: 23rd Aug 2005
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Posted:*Sings*Thunder, thunder, thunder, thunder cats!


Carpal \'Tunnel

Member Since: 17th Apr 2002
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Posted:Toxic Avenger?
Parallel 9 it were on.
Saturday mornings at 9:15

It is no more thouhg frown


Carpal \'Tunnel
Location: in the trees
Member Since: 31st Dec 2004
Total posts: 7193
Posted:Written by: =Flashpoint=

Bring back Mysterious Cities of Gold!!!!!

my god......... i remember that (how sad am i??) wink

the best kiddys cartoons i seen must be phantom 2049 or........... ahhhh what am i on about i used to watch manga at that age ubblol

Location: USA
Member Since: 1st Mar 2013
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Posted:Today i have to ask something relating to your topic which is that i want to make wood interior in my house and which wood is best for this purpose....

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