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Posted:I danced with my snake in a show on Sat night (last week) and ran into a bunch of people with (what to them is) an irrational fear of snakes.

For performance stuff in the past I have had to figure out what my irrational fears are, and defeat some of them.
I was terrified of microphones, for example. I treated them as if they would bite me.

What are your irrational fears?

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Posted:Written by: Stainless Munchkin

being blind, that is like the scariest thing

oh yeah, definatley chris... i freak out whenever anything gets near my eyes...

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Posted:Written by: Medusa

You might want to do some research see if any previous owners died there....

But we built the house! eek

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Posted:Maybe someone died on the land...buried there?....was there a previous house on the land?



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Posted:Written by: Fine_Rabid_Dog

Written by: Stainless Munchkin

being blind, that is like the scariest thing

oh yeah, definatley chris... i freak out whenever anything gets near my eyes...

i get squeamish of needles near my eyes... or of them just generally being all pointy while i have my eyes open..... i used to have bad dreams about sewing accidents when i was younger...

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Posted:A really old guy used just the bottom floor of our house, because he was too old to go up the stairs, and all kinds of weird stuff happen in our front room, and it turns out he died on there! My whole family is scared of that room, because weird things happen and it is always cold, and feels kinda hostile, if thats possible-a room feeling hostile!

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Posted:I have this irrational fear of touching kleenexeses. The tissue paper drives me nuts. Its wierd. Toilet tissue is fine, but nose tissue... I dunno. Freaks me out.

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Posted:Dead insects, don't ask me why! I'm fine with them when they're living but I can't cope wth the dead ones! Oh and wasps, since I got stung. I spend most picnics a little way away from the mat, this sometimes irritates people after a while!

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Posted:being stuck upside down in a pipe with my arms by my side, id be fine if my arms were outstretched below me. i think thats irrational, its never likely to happen ......... BUT IT MIGHT argh!!!!

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