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Posted:I was cleaning our bombsite of a room this morning, cause we had lost our elephant and Im sure its in there somewhere, and I came across some things that I have and had totally forgotton that I owned.
It reminded me of a few of my favourite things

My most favourite thing that I own is a drumstick that the drummer from the tea party threw into the crowd and I got!! biggrin I then got it signed and its supposed to be on the wall. In my eyes that damn thing is GOLD I tells ya. (it had fallen off the wall and was on the dresser!)

A huge box of letters and cards form people when I went into the hospital to have brain surgery, I read a whole heap of them and they made me cry... Letters from arsn, and cards from my mum... *sigh*

the rooms still messy but I feel a million times more loved than I did when I started to clean...

what are your favourite possessions and why lil chickens? smile

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Posted:First and foremost it would be my friends.

Sad Sack, he's a 32 year old stuffed floppy dog. Lot's of history and two owners. Great Grandmas China. A treadle sewing machine that was built before 1920, still trying to find out the actual manufactured date. And last but not least my guitar.

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Posted:stuff my family has given me, not big things but like the little pressies that are just a gesture of friendliness smile

Are you that clever that you smile forever? biggrin

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