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ValuraValuraSILVER Member
Mumma Hen
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Location: Brisbane, Australia

I was cleaning our bombsite of a room this morning, cause we had lost our elephant and Im sure its in there somewhere, and I came across some things that I have and had totally forgotton that I owned.
It reminded me of a few of my favourite things

My most favourite thing that I own is a drumstick that the drummer from the tea party threw into the crowd and I got!! biggrin I then got it signed and its supposed to be on the wall. In my eyes that damn thing is GOLD I tells ya. (it had fallen off the wall and was on the dresser!)

A huge box of letters and cards form people when I went into the hospital to have brain surgery, I read a whole heap of them and they made me cry... Letters from arsn, and cards from my mum... *sigh*

the rooms still messy but I feel a million times more loved than I did when I started to clean...

what are your favourite possessions and why lil chickens? smile

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MedusaMedusaSILVER Member
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Location: 8 days at Cloudbreak, 6 in Perth, Australia

My most prized possession would be a stuffed panda toy that I was given when I was first born.

It is a one of a kinda stuffed toy that is worth well over $500 now.

But that isn't the reason it is my most prized possession. I have slept with this bear by my side every night for almost 25 years. It is old and very loved.

Also it was given to me by my grandfather who died just a year and a half ago.

It has a special place in my heart and I think I would be totally devostated if I ever lost it or it got destroyed.

DoktorSkellDoktorSkellSILVER Member
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Location: Van Diemans Land, Australia

i Dont know if i have something like this

I mean i have things that i would be just devastated if they got stolen like my guitar or my iPod.

But i dont think i have something thats special and unique

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Gayle......!SILVER Member
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Location: Bristol !!!!!!, United Kingdom

Written by: Medusa

My most prized possession would be a stuffed panda toy that I was given when I was first born.

It is a one of a kinda stuffed toy that is worth well over $500 now.

But that isn't the reason it is my most prized possession. I have slept with this bear by my side every night for almost 25 years. It is old and very loved.

Also it was given to me by my grandfather who died just a year and a half ago.

It has a special place in my heart and I think I would be totally devostated if I ever lost it or it got destroyed.

Medusa - one of my most prized pocessions is also a stuffed Panda Toy. Although i don't think it's as valuable as yours. My brother won it at a fair for me when i was 4 and i always went to sleep with it as a child. Now, he really only comes out when i'm alone and majorly upset. He gives more comfort than any person i think.


MedusaMedusaSILVER Member
1,433 posts
Location: 8 days at Cloudbreak, 6 in Perth, Australia

Gayle, I totally know what you panda gives me the best hugs when I am feeling down and depressed.

And the best part about sleeping with him at night is that he doesn't hog the sheets and blankets.

BirgitBirgitBRONZE Member
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Location: Edinburgh, Scotland (UK)

hehehe... a stuffed penguin for me. He's over 10 years old and he's accompanied me on many travels, mostly due to bets with my dad ("they'll never gonna let you take that on the plane as extra hand luggage!!" - "let's call them and try!!"). There have also been several attempts of friends to steal him.
Number 2 would be my guitar, it took me ages to find one like it and it's just lovely.
Number 3... hmmmm... when I went home to visit the family last year my mum gave me a necklace that belonged to me but that I had forgotten about, a necklace that belonged to her, one from my grandmother and a ring from my great-grandmother. It was one of those serious parent-child-moments and I treasure that jewellery a lot though I don't usually wear any.

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.:star:..:star:.SILVER Member
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Location: Bristol, United Kingdom

mine's a stuffed hippo that i got from my sister when i was seven, he's all scruffy and i've had to sew him up on numerous occasions and he's going bald in places but i still love him!

what a bunch of softies we all are!!

Pink...?Pink...?BRONZE Member
Mistress of Pink...Multicoloured
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Location: Over There, United Kingdom

My most prized possesions are my memory box and book.

It has simple things like tickets, photos, letters, ribbon, badges etc..
But each and every one has a strong memory attached to it.
for instance - the ribbon was from my sisters wedding, letters from past boyfriends, newspaper clipping of when i recieved an award, programme leaflet thing from my nannies funeral etc...

My whole life is in there.

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Location: London

Mmmmm mine would be a baby doll (even one thinks shes odd looking) i was given when I was a wee grasshopper. Still got her.

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VixenVixenSILVER Member
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Location: Oxfordshire/Wiltshire, United Kingdom

My photos, my memory box, my scrap book and of course my teddy called Mutsy that i stole of my sister when i was a baby, hes getting a bit skinny now but he cheers my up when i feel sad. xxx

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SniperSniperBRONZE Member
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Location: United Kingdom

my sexy lil bottle of Jgermeister that magically refills itself when it runs out (yeah mums rule)

_So_BRONZE Member
Skinny poi maker
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Location: Moscow, Russia

Mine is... a stuffed dog, that was given to me by my granddad when i was 2. His name is Bob, and he looks like hell now. But i love him, and even my boyfriend doesnt argue about Bobs right to sleep near me. And theres a very small knitted mouse, that is always following me, wherever i go. Also there is a box full of old photos and letters from my friends. Some of those letters were written by the people who are gone now... So its a very important box.

KaelGotRiceKaelGotRiceGOLD Member
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Location: Angels Landing, USA

I guess I'll have to be a geek and say my laptop?

My life is seriously in this machine. wink

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loki.c1687loki.c1687SILVER Member
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Location: Leeds, United Kingdom

my jack daniels cig case my gf got it me in march

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PyrolificBRONZE Member
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Location: Adelaide, South Australia

My most cherished posessions are my memories. Everything else (non-sentient posessions that is) is immaterial to my journey (although I'd be pissed if our Van 'Marvin' got stolen and wrecked...but he's insured).

oh and my freedom. and my health and...I'm avoiding work again smile

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margitamargitaSILVER Member
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Location: brizvegas, Australia

hmmm...tough one...i love my photos...and my stuffed moose...craetively called 'moose'! ubblol dad bought him for me the day i was born. he's a bit funny looking...and when you move his head up he bleeds lil foam balls...but he's done that for years now...i keep forgetting to fix him! mainly cos he's in a cupboard (too important to be stuffed in the big cardboard box with all the other toys!) at my parents house. tongue

also very very important to me is my jewellery...i have a necklace i made with a big blue crystal on it that i wear most days. i've lost it twice & it's been found! i once lost it & wasn't sure where...could have been anywhere from nanango to kingaroy to murgon (long way!) & it was found at the iga! biggrin then the other week i lost it somewhere in kingaroy & i'd just been out to do an assessment on a notification - so if it was there i was never getting it back! eek lucky it was found back at the office!
plus i have a heap of old jewellery from both of my grandmothers - in particular a ring on a chain & a bracelet i wear every day!! smile

geez i can rabbit on sometimes!! ubblol

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Sakura_MoonSakura_MoonHop's Kitten Jester.
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Location: Wonderland igloo, Vic, Australia

A stuffed cat, a stauffed polar bear and my gorgeous, amazing Ren, who i absolutely treasure, though i dont really own him..hes always been here when i need him...

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roarfireroarfireSILVER Member
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Location: The countryside, Australia

I don't know if this sounds silly but instead of a toy I have a pink sheet with deer on it. 'Bambi's' as I used to call them apparently that I had in my cot as a baby. For some reason I can't let go of this sheet, and yeah it's in my bed. It doesn't cover me but most nights I find myself holding it as I sleep. It's all I have left of my's all I can remember.

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drakematrixdrakematrixSILVER Member
Maker of the Cheesecake
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Location: Akron, OH, USA

I guess my number one favorite thing in the world is a tiny gold ring. It has been passed down through four generations in my family, and as the first born, I got it from my dad at birth. It's just a tiny little thing, engraved with the initials "bc" (originally it meant bob collins, but now it just means boy collins). My mother keeps it at her place because until a year ago, I didn't own a fire-safe box.

I guess my second one would be my family tree file in my computer (along with the printed materials) Yeah, so my family is important to me. I have at least two branches traced back to immigration from Ireland during the civil war, and Russia during the 1920's.

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munkypunksmunkypunksGOLD Member
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Location: Los Angeles, California, USA

an antique Underwood typewriter, a handwritten note from Timothy Leary, and an original Gris Grimley painting of a cadaverous Santa about to bean bambi with a snowball.

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ImmortalAngelSILVER Member
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Location: Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

Well the most cherished thing in my life would be my friends...but I don't exactly own them...or at least, they won't admit I do ^.^'

As for something I own, probably 'the pillow'. I stole it from my favorite couch to lay down on a while ago, it was one of the pillows for the back part of it, it's like 4 feet long, 1 foot wide and 6 inches wide, and it's very comfy. I sleep on/over/contoured around it every night and it is the best for hugs when there is no peoples around smile

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vain-ego pkvain-ego pkBRONZE Member
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Location: United Kingdom

my cacti that my grandma gave me when i was 5... is with my mom right now cos i didnt want that it got squished when i was moving to italy, so i have to bring it back with me when i go back in England for a visit.

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Location: Bolton

Yeah it's my PC. I dunno what the hell I'd do without it. I'd be rather bored.

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gemitgemitBRONZE Member
71 posts
Location: Plymouth, UK

My 20 year old Care Bear!!! My silver charm bracelet with many memories from around the world on it, (fave is my croc from Oz) got it when I was a bridesmaid when I was 12! And (although not a material possession), my health.

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Fine_Rabid_DogInternet Hate Machine
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my thumbs.. seriously, i couldnt do anything without these cute little guys...

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stroostrooSILVER Member
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Location: oxford, england, uk

Written by: Fine_Rabid_Dog

my thumbs.. seriously, i couldnt do anything without these cute little guys...


Everything in my memory box... my fav things in it are a rare black pearl that my brother got when we went diving when we was travelling for ages and put on a necklace and posted home for me, my nans old gemini necklace, the billions of letters and cards ive kept and my 2 photo albums - 1 of the special people in my life and the other 1 my mum started of me when i was born of me growing up. since i found it ive put at least one in of me ever year, i think i'll appreciate it when im old and baggy...

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~Leah~~Leah~GOLD Member
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Location: Sunshine Coast, Australia

my family and friends. where would I be without them. And my favourite possession would have to be my 9ft longboard. It just gives me so much freedom sunny

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pineapple petepineapple peteSILVER Member
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Location: melbourne, Australia

my cat *meow* always good for hugs, and unwanted dribble, but mostly hugs

cheers, pete biggrin

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ClairebeClairebeSILVER Member
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Location: Liverpool, UK

Some photos of my cat who died recently, a polished stone that my granddad painted an owl and a flower... thing, on. Erm, some random woodwind instrument things that I've collected from all the countries I've been to.

Can't think of anything else really.

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Boo_BunnyBoo_BunnyBRONZE Member
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Location: infront of you, United Kingdom

My sketchbook. everything about me and the way i see the world is in that book. its how i express myself. i would die without it. ubbcrying

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KodiacKodiacBRONZE Member
42 posts
Location: California, USA

My stuffed rabbit Mr. Bunny that I've had since I was born. The basics: My health, freedom, friends, and family. My artistic talent is also one of my most cherished possesions, that, and my physical ableness. And, to get a little more manly, I cherish all the weapons I've collected/made over the years, especially my handmade scythe and katanas. Well, I'm done rambling.

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