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Posted:Right well...

I doubt this is in the right forum, but here goes..

I am making a vid of myself, and am wondering if anyone has any footage of me, cause if i cant find any, then i cant make a vid..

So it dosent matter how old the footage is, or how bad i was spinning, (arent i always), just stick up a reply, and we will sort out how i'm going to get my hands on it!!


I must say, i will credit you for ur filming !! so there is no worrys about that!

Ciao. and thankyou!

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Posted:i would have osme mate, from teh nipp last year, but i think i have recorded over it!

ill have a look see

Step (el-nombrie)



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Posted:i have some of you staff dropping wink



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Posted:Don't you have some of him involved in jelly wrestling?

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Posted:got a bit me finx hobbit, ill have a look when i get a minute wink

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Posted:As well as jelly wrestling, I think there were little clips of spinning and sparkler-lighting on the Kent video smile

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