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fairy of light
Location: Bergen, Norway

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Posted:Travelling to Kirkwall April 28th with Statsraad Lehmkuhl (3-masted barque rigged sail training vessel biggrin ubblol), so if there are any HoP people around, please let me know smile

Luke sum ipse patrem te.

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Mags The Jedi
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Mags The Jedi

Location: Cornwall, UK

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Posted:I wish. Kirkwall is lovely.

Have fun.


"I believe the cost of life is Death and we will all pay that in full. Everything else should be a gift. We paid the cover charge of life, we were born."

Bill Hicks, February 1988



Location: Reading, England

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Posted:Orkney is a pretty pretty place. I've moved away now, but hope you had fun there ...


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