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We've covered ages, names, how long we've been spinning, injuries and embarrassing moments. I read in one of the threads that Dangerboy is into biology or something which got me wondering...what do you do as a day job????For me, this is my day job. I also am a freelance writer. I own a production company called Creative Illusions, which helsp coordinate different acts, including Pyromorph. I also direct/teach improv theater and write for events.Other than that I have managed a book store, been a bartender at a wild bar and taught first and second grade special ed, none of which is nearly as fulfilling as performing to me (though bartending is close).Oh, and now I can also add that I am the newly inducted Reptile Specialist at a small pet store chain here in the middle of nowhere. It doesn't interfere with the performing and it is another job I love to pieces!And yes, I do know I am one of the lucky ones! tongue ------------------Pele Higher, higher burning fire...making music like a choir..."I prefer not to go where there is a path but to blaze a new one!"[This message has been edited by Pele (edited 05 January 2002).]

Higher, higher burning fire...making music like a choir
"Oooh look! A pub!" -exclaimed after recovering from a stupid fall
"And for the decadence of art, nothing beats a roaring fire." -TMK

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cant believe that i didnt notice this topic. is this the longest one yet?I go to a college that is far too posh for my free spirit. I spend all my day time writing shitty essays and doing wholey uncreative art, just so i can pass my exams and join the rat race. smile During the night, im free.i poi, paint, draw, dj, write stories and poetry, and spend the rest of my time staring at this computer screen tongueNot that anyone cares. this topics so onld and long, no one will read this. i could write whatever i want. tongue

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Cained and Unable....Don't forget,THEYare watching you!

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'tis but a Brave New World...------------------"she dances in a ring of fire and throws off the challenge with a shrug"

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22 year old reflexologist/marketing student/person-who-stares @ her screen too much/ADD borderline case...That would be attention deficit disorder..and I wanna play with fire! confusedPlum

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Business major in Rochester NY/ want to be a writer/ UPS guy in the summer/ Avid raver after midnight. grin

Care of other people's approval and you become their prisoner.Live fully, Rave wholly.Fluid are the movements of my strings...

I am a mom, a performance artist,a musician, i help organize non-profit multi-disc. arts spaces,i have taught for cirkus schools, I have worked many jobs... at times i have been a hairstylist and make up artist in the fashion and movie industry,an aromatherapy & massage therapist, and even a stripper... (for those of you doing it.. i LOVE the fire fans and eating and transfer work)Now i just travel around in the summers , entertain for corporate gigs, nightclubs and bands, work with a thetre troupe, and PLAY PLAY PLAY. When i want to relax i read neurolinguistics and such...For someone who said earlier about one day hoping to find that dream job out there, i believe its possible. You don't have to work in a field you don't enjoy, don't let the many traps along the way scare you. Create whatever dream job you wish, as long as your happy. Life's too short for much else.I'm a single parent and still manage to make all i need to survive and then some, I'm tired of performing corporate and nightclub gigs though for money... so i'm in process of choosing my next profession. I would like all my performance energy to go into my art.Rather than creating some b.s. that really has no need to exist.Wondering what it's like to be a farmer more and more these days..Think it would be neat to dig in the dirt, watch things grow,build my own house out of found objects (and some sought out oddities)generate some electricity, and frolic through the fields in the fall.Maybe i should buy some land or join an intentional community.***

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hi everyone, i'm new to the site, i've been twirling glowsticks for about a year now. i'm a student right now majoring in Computer Art and Design. i'm graduating in MAY. off the the "real world" i go. i'll soon be looking for any job i can find, freelance work , whatever. ------------------the music feeds my soul that glows and grows with every spin i take.

the music feeds my soul that glows and grows with every spin i take.

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Well, I spend my fourty hours a week playing with bugs. Im a microbiologist. I like it because I can be a nerd and a pyro at the same time! Especially when I get to heat fix slides and stuff.Merry twirling

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Skichristian, What a perfect life, i can't imagine anything i would prefer to do except for ski and swing.... and surf of course, but if i had to chose i'd prob chose skiing (lucky i don't have to chose! grin ) I'm gonna try and get a job in a bar in an american ski resort over the winter, how'd yu fancy my chances?and Simos... yeh, every one loves teasing philosophers, esp my boyf and my dad.. i think i react to random comments too much smile So when dyu go back to Cyprus? We will def have to meet up b4 then, or else i will have to come out to cyprus and c u ... damn, that'd be terrible smile------------------Chloe.-I'm dancing through the fire just to catch a flame- Paul Weller

-I'm dancing through the fire just to catch a flame-
Paul Weller

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i agree with earlier post: how tired line of conversation, but i think that for a bb its good to review. you all technoGEEKS or librarians? i also technoGEEK with one important difference: highly sociopathic tendencies expressed instead of subverted = continual jobhunting hehehe. now i work at home where i can't make work impossible for others smile they still pay me tho i do next to nothing HAHAHAHAHAschweet. i plan the downfall of everything we know, slowly but surely it will crumble, it must crumble HAHAHAHAHAokay. forgive me. its late.O_O

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i'm a high school student absolutely dying to be off on my own in college. these little immature kids at my school are soooooo annoying i have to get away from them and it has to be soon. i also have a part time job at a doctor's office. i hope to go to college in florida (not the farthest place from home, but it's far enough) and major in marine biology. just begining twirling, but girl from mars and n8 are apparently happy that i am. i haven't been to a rave yet frown but i'm sure girl from mars is already planning to make that a false statement.

ummm high school student experiencing total disgust for most of its population, wanting to get down near NYC for college (sarah lawrence is like naz, majority is girls but lol, not a big problem... grin) work in the doc's office too and wooo i just started twirling tonight! already totally into it, but completely phoenix would say, my left hand is being really dumb smile and i'm hopin n8 ande gfm will bring meeee to a rave too sometime, pretty pretty plz? smile

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Yeah umm... I'm only 16, and still have a huge life ahead of me, but i think i got it made. I'm a highschool student by day, a Country Club staff member by afternoon, and a full fledged out of this world, kill you in one swipe of the blade Ninja... $12 an hour w00t w00t :-)... ok ok.. im also a computer kid unfortunately. Play a games but hey, passes the time. Check out my site/love/hobby here

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8th grade middle school student. Yearbook cover designer and the one looked to for computer answers
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Then I uhh... plot ways to get my principal to allow my friend and I to spin at school.//edit Sorry for bumping, I didn't know it was that old! *cringes*[This message has been edited by Kinudin (edited 04 January 2002).]

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high school. boring.------------------Live every day as though it is your last, learn every day as though you'll live forever

Luv peace 'n' chicken grease Al X x

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Ugh. High school, what else? >.

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Weee I love old threads!It's a pity so many of these people aren't around here any more
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Anyways, I am a computer programmer, started part-time whilst studying last August and I go fulltime on Monday.I like it, so I am happy
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Courage is the man who can stop after only one peanut

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old thread for new people
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by day, Im asleep.. By night Im a waitress in a bar.. and on the side I take most my spare money and do photography.. (shamelss plug there)[This message has been edited by Neph23 (edited 05 January 2002).]

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So here's the boring bit:I work for a bank in the City of London as a Human Resources Liaison Officer, what ever that means.Basically, I do a lot of admin type stuff, and they let me do some cool techie stuff for them too, which is fun...I guess I prefer my hobbies and my spare time really, and isn't that sad, since we spend most of our time at work?Thinking of taking a leaf out of your book Pele, if you wouldn't mind...Cheers,C

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Im an "IT specialist" (Internet Technology)Basically, I make web sites that sell stuff online. (sells cigars) (sells fancy checks) (sells hardware, screws, bolts, hinges and 1000000 other related things.)WOOOHOOO now if I could just take time to make a cool site, with lots of FIRE
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I smell something burning.

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I'm an Industrial/Enviromental Designer. We speicalize in takeing products from nonexistant, all the way through end user. (I'm the bastard that designs your cd player to break after 2 years, please don't hate me) Right now we are working on a great project
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! Hand held computing devices for blind people. Visually impared people are amazing. Justin (one of our blind testers) uses his tongue to make a clicking noise, the sound comes back to his ears and is then used to navigate with out his cane. He only holds his cane so other people know he's blind. He clams he can tell the make and model of a car by it's sound (as long as it's not been to customed out). I personally haven't seen it yet, but I don't doubt him. I gave him a set of my practice poi. Let me tell you, I had trouble ,at first, teaching him moves. I'm not touchy feely, and it was every bit of that. Now Justin has about 5 moves that he can flow together. It's great! To Justin it truely is all about the feeling and the sound. He dosn't like spinning to music because then he can't hear the sound of the poi and he loves the feeling of a near miss wizzing by his head. Justin also finds it funny that he has learned something that people with sight like to watch. By the way he's 14 years old so looking cool (even though he can't see) is very, very important. He says the staff sounds like fun, the rythmic beating of the staff through the air is wonderful. I never noticed it before just as you switch hands and increase the speed of your twirling, the staff makes a beat that you can feel in your body, Justin can hear it too, I can only feel the beat. Sorry if I wrote too much, I just love my job!------------------Nothing good ever comes from hanging out with "normal" people.

Nothing good ever comes from hanging out with normal people.

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Yo Pele !!..I am a contracts co-ordinator for RMC (Ready Mixed Concrete). Every time you see gangs of dudes building roads and laying tarmac and stuff... its my job to organise all the materials, mechinery, transport, labour and at the end of it all, I have to do all the costing and paperwork etc... well paid but VERY unrewarding..!!! In an ideal world, I would be working for myself doing a job where I could see where I've been. I have years of experience as a freelance photographer and have sung and played drums in a couple of bands. Unfortunately, what with an ex-wife to pay for, sustaining yourself in ventures like those isnt all that simple. Money doesnt matter if Im happy though.Its poi for breakfast before work though.. and poi the second I get in in the eve.. as for weekends.. well, guess what..??(yeah, thats right, I go to knitting class... not !!)A great deal of my time is taken up (when one is not spinning) practicing Aikido, Iaido (Japanese swordsmanship) and Tai-Chi. I have found that all the mind/body/spirit techniques that apply in the martial arts work tremendously well with the poi. I'd be curious to know if you've heared anything similar from anyone else..??Anyway.. enough garble for now.. best do some work before the IT people cotton on..!!------------------Kato


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i onw a second hand bookstore here on SSI called STARBOOKS (no not strbUcks remember they got the bucks wee got the books) we specalize in anarchist/alternative/spiritual/beatpotry/ i also make hand drums, blow glass and street speak

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I work in the Publications Department in the offices of the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich, London (where Greenwich Mean Time comes from) But that's just to earn money to eat and buy toys to practice for when I run away to join the circus
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------------------Life in the circus ain't easy but the folks on the outside don't know yeah well the tent goes up and the tent goes down and all that they see is the show and the ladies on the horses look so pretty and the lions are looking real mad and some of the clowns are happy and some of the clowns are sad. Welcome to the freakshow.. here we go (Freakshow by Ani di Franco)

"I don't take drugs. I am drugs" - Salvador Dali


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By day I work as an Advocate at a high school completion/GED/job readiness training program for young people between the ages of 17-24. Basically I am the "high school counselor" of the school, although it is an alternative school and therefore my job is different from the usual "make schedules, talk about college" kind of role that HS counselors usually play. I do a lot of listening and problem solving and connecting the students up with community resources to help them with their needs. It's kind of stressful, but fulfilling, and I'm on vacation right now!Oh yeah, and I have spun poi at work. The students like to watch
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However I don't have a whole lot of time to spin at work unfortunately because I'm usually so busy!Cheryl

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i still build bombs...and rockets...missiles...

anyone got a light?

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I'm a technical writer for Xerox. I sit in a small, padded knook and stare at this screen. Usually I'm reading here instead of writing my documents.Outside of this I'm a computer and video game answer guy to everyone I know. (I'm quite obsessed.)I also try to keep up a few websites.Pyromorph Pele's performance site.andWNYSOG My local truck club website. Which I'm currently redesigning.If I had a designer the sites would look better. I'm a good coder, I just can't come up with things that look wicked.------------------"There no such thing as bad weather, only wrong clothes."Pyromorph - Let the fire change you

FYI: I am not Pele. If you wish to reply to me and use a short version of my name, use: PWB.

English? Who needs that? I'm never going to England. - Homer Jay Simpson

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You're gonna hate me. I do nothing. I just exist. I give more than I take. Love more than I hate. Laugh more than I should. Help more than I hinder. Know more than I shouldI don't sign on - so you dont have to worry about me wasting your taxes.I don't have a job because I'm trying to stay light, untethered, as I'm thinking of moving on. California bound.I paint pictures and sell them. Which isn't really a job. More a hobby. It's not (currently) enough to live on. And yet....

"I'll carry this....It's harder to spill a hat" - Chellybean
" a rabbit caught in a lighthouse?" - Chellybean

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I'm an overstressed student studying a rediculous number of A levels and wishing I wasn't. I'm also strongly considering upping and going when I'm done - don't know where or how yet but it'll all fall into place somehow. Am also considering simply existing (as above
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Geologists do it in the dirt................ spank

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By day I am a machinist. I hate my job with a passion, but it is keeping me fed. By night I can be found drinking at the bar that Neph works at, and in between I start things on fire...... occaionally I spin them around
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At the moment I am seriously considering Cantus's line of employment. Maybe I'll move to San Francisco and be a bum. I am about to be a professional writer (I hope), and I have been a starving musician for longer than I care to admit. Lately I've been toying with the idea of opening a bar and building a loft apartment above it for me to live. Mostly because bars never go out of buisness, I won't have to worry about rent, and with as much as I drink actually buying a bar seems the next logical step.------------------If you love something, set it on fire.

Jesus helps me trick people.

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