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We've covered ages, names, how long we've been spinning, injuries and embarrassing moments. I read in one of the threads that Dangerboy is into biology or something which got me wondering...what do you do as a day job????For me, this is my day job. I also am a freelance writer. I own a production company called Creative Illusions, which helsp coordinate different acts, including Pyromorph. I also direct/teach improv theater and write for events.Other than that I have managed a book store, been a bartender at a wild bar and taught first and second grade special ed, none of which is nearly as fulfilling as performing to me (though bartending is close).Oh, and now I can also add that I am the newly inducted Reptile Specialist at a small pet store chain here in the middle of nowhere. It doesn't interfere with the performing and it is another job I love to pieces!And yes, I do know I am one of the lucky ones! tongue ------------------Pele Higher, higher burning fire...making music like a choir..."I prefer not to go where there is a path but to blaze a new one!"[This message has been edited by Pele (edited 05 January 2002).]

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by day im a college student.
By night im a smurf.

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Well, me. I work as a temp secretary and/or helpdesk support person in London, and travelling around Europe when I've saved up a bit of money.I've been doing that for the last 4 years. I've worked in an awful lot of offices, but am currently working for the NHS in a psychiatric insitution, mainly typing up reports and surfing the net! Some of the reports are interesting, although usually not!

I did a business degree, majoring in economics, and fat lot of good that did me. Am vaguely thinking of going back to uni and becoming a counsellor or psychologist, but will go home if I decided definately to do that. Did I say I'm an Aussie?! Yes, doing the aussie in London thing... but not in Earl's court.

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I guess that with medicine, you are always a doctor. You might get a phone call 24 hours a day. In many ways, it's sort of like being a cleric in that it's a calling (at least it is for me).

Once a doctor, always a doctor.

I think it's really about why you do your job. I want to do this because I feel spiritally pulled to it. I want to help people in this way. I guess that if you ask most people what their dream job is, their answer is not what they are doing right now. In my case, my dream job is to be a doctor.

Other people are also working at their dream jobs, and that might be anything. But I bet that's the difference between identifying yourself by your career or not.



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I'm a full time art student doing fashion textiles for about 3 more weeks then the course finishes and i'll be really sad I'm really gonna miss everyone and making lots of mess, this is where i learnt to spin! I'm off to do an english degree in september, yey more dossing )))

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full time english lit student working furiously as part time till tart at virgin to save up for oz. About to start working for my dad in his pub (again, godamn i hate family businesses)to make up for no studying this summer.

ummm what else.... oh i make fire equipment and do all the design work for that. Its kinda fun

and regarding "are you ur occupation?" well yeah, i am SUCH a student... SKIN ONE UP MATE!

vic xx

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