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Posted:Hey Poiple!

I was just looking at the website of the dutch juggling convention, and it's way sooner there than I imagined! ->
5,6,7 & 8 may.
There is info available on http://www.jongleerfestival.nl

I'm really really really feeling like it, so I will surely be going, and a few other active people from The Dutch Thread as well I think, but if there would be people from other countries coming, that would be awesome! It would be kinda cool to have a large HoP group over there cool!

A very little info about the price btw:
ticket for 4 days = 55 euro, including food (!!!), public show, 4 evenings of live bands.


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Posted:well ... this would be cool indeed ... i am not sure now, but i am trying to find some people in belgium to go there ... hope to see many of you HoPers !

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Posted:I'm planning to come to the NJF, it's always a fun weekend.

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