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Posted:Gathy asked me when the first Clapham is, and we talked about 1st of May?

Anyone up for it?

First Clapham of the year? 1st May. It's a Sunday with a bank holiday Monday after it, so people can play late with no excuse about work on Monday!


Ok... we meet by the bandstand, just go to the bandstand and you'll sure to see people spinning on the grass nearby. About 3pm ish

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Posted:Written by:
i demand photo evidence if he does it with you

the worrying thing is that i don't know whether the inneuendo was accidental there or not!



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Posted:angel2 ubblol ubblol

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Posted:Written by: vanize

actually the main purpose of the trip is to finally meet and hang out with lightning, so probably not, but that is up to him...

hes not that cool tongue

na only kidding hes lovely, and knows lots about planes smile

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Posted:smile WOooooooooo I agree with Vanize.. 15th...lets go!



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Posted:Written by: vanize

actually the main purpose of the trip is to finally meet and hang out with lightning, so probably not, but that is up to him...

Psst watch yourself, I heard a rumour he might be gay.... wink tongue

But worse than that he seems to be a plane spotter eek

Alice has very kindly started a whole new thread about a meet on the 15th. It mentions Vanize in the title and should be very easy to spot.

link for the sense of direction-deprived ubbrollsmile wink biggrin

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