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Posted:I read the v useful coloured-flame spinning FAQ which tells me all the things I need to know (thanks for that)

I still have a problem though:
Where do you actually buy this stuff??

I went to the local chemist/DIY shop with my handwritten list of chemicals from the faq - but nobody could help me. Infact my local Boots store pharmacist took a REAL dislike to me - I'm sure she thought I needed this stuff for manafacturing homemade extasy tablets or something. (and lets face it... telling an elderly shop assistant you set fire to stuff and throw it around seems a bit bonkers).

I call on you colourful hoppers out there to reveal your suppliers smile

(Perhaps this is more a just UK problem, but tell us anyway - your advice may help someone else near where you live later on)

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Posted:Hi, newbie here. Haven't even started spinning with fire but have been working with fireworks and have been experimenting with colored flames. Hmmmm.... never thought LiCl was antidepressant. I got a whole bottle from a chemical store! ubbloco Maybe I should try this?

Seriously, you can mix Boric Acid to Meth. Just adjust for deepre color. Like what was previously mentioned, it isn't rocket science. Lithium on the other hand makes Methyl Alcohol heat up when it is mix... I don't know how bad it could get. I never over did anything for fear of instant combustion! eek

But then, I have an option, PM me for commercially available colored fuels! Actually, looking to test this but I need to learn how to spin first. I don't want to burn my hair on my first try. ubbangel




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Posted:Used Boraric Acid in Meth, Gave a good green glow. Also found that Coleman's Camping Fluid Burns a nice white. Couldn't be bothered trying to track the rest of the chems down as I still think orange looks the best.

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Posted:colemans burns blue at the base w\yellow flame...the only white you can get is if your using magnesium or aluminum chloride (oxide?) i have yet to try it...ordering some next week methinks....

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Posted:*pops some popcorn*

Regards hug

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Posted:There is special oils that burns in different Colures but they are expensive

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Posted:I've seen that oil site, or something like it, looks pretty. If you make your own wicks before doing them up you can lace the insides with whatever chemical you want to and it works better. Then soak in a solution of denatured alcohol and the chem. All alcohol will work, but my logic is the more pure, the better flame, but I've never tried anything else. For whatever else you need, google it, always works for me, I've been able to find places that sell almost anything. Fireworks sites are a good place to try, but google the chem name. Good luck. Boric acid is everywhere, it's also a foot fungus powder and cheap at most pharmacies. CVS has it I know. Or is that only in the US?

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Posted:i just burned with meths and boric acid for the first time a few days ago... pretty green flame... but kind of wimpy... flame wasnt very big and went out pretty wuickly, at least compared to white gas... kind of disappointing frown

there are LOTS of online suppliers of chemicals... is one... google for others...

also, i ahve compiled a more complete list of what chemicals burn different colors than those listed at the HoP article... it is those listed and then some more... the combination of about 8 different websites... so some of this may be bunk but here it is anyway...

Potassium compounds are violet
Copper compounds are blue-green
Barium compounds are yellow-green
Lithium compounds are carmine
Strontium compounds are scarlet
Calcium compounds are yellowish red
Sodium compounds are yellow.

Red - Strontium Chloride - SrCl2.6H2O
Carmine - Lithium chloride
Yellow - Sodium Chloride - NaCl - table salt
Green - Boric Acid - aka roach kill powder
Blue - Copper Sulfate - CuSO4.5H2O or Copper Chloride
Orange - Calcium chloride
Lilac - Potassium Chloride
Purple - Potassium Nitrate - KNO3
White - Magnesium Sulfate - Epsom Salts


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Posted:What colour is carmine????!

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I've been looking for said chemicals around the pharmacies and hardware stores of Norn Ireland for the last few days... have only been able to source Boric Acid so far.

So then... Sir Sheep... do you still have your chemicals available?

Anyone else in the UK find a local distributor? I looked through the Sigma site and became very confused by all the chemical variants... don't want to get the wrong thing and end up dead or anything.

Clare x

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Posted:biggrin Seven wicks= rainbow poi! biggrin


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