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Posted:This has most definately been posted, but i tried to find it and no luck, but where is a place that i can order/buy parts for LED poi, or high power LED poi preconstructed. I want to make some / or buy some high powered LED poi. Oh and i live in the U.S. so anything based there would help. And ive used Neon Husky for their street lights but have been told online that they are weak LEDs and that you can get better. Color changing is good too. Anything under the 100 price range is great. I remember seeing a video for some LED poi that were sorta cone shaped that change colors patterns all that, amazing looking some code name or something forgot what it was. There was a huge thread about the video being on TV section of a poi website but thats a broken link. Any info on them would be even better.

oh and if some of you remember me, im back.
from poi hibernation lol prolly gonna order some fire snakes and the 3.5 inch monkey fist fire heads, they look sexy

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Posted:Aerotechs are always nice smile But doubtfull for less than $100 lol.

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Posted:There's a lot of useful information in this thread..

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Posted:The best place I have found to buy superbright LEDs in small quantities is Prices are reasonable, and the flat-rate $2 shipping can't be beat.



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Posted:hi all
i get mine from here
they are pretty cheap, and sell some really really bright ones

cheers, pete biggrin

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