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Posted:Has anyone else stopped to appreciate the silence. Then as you focus on the silence the grass becomes greener, the air becomes more perfect and the sky becomes clear deep blue. To me it's a wonderful experience and gives me goose-bumps every single time. Maybe I am just being weird... or I only have another hour and a half before I get off work and my mind is getting ready for the weekend and it reminded me of the trance like feeling I associate with focus.

I wouldn't know... I've never given a cartoon character an orgasm.

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Posted:Why yes I have

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I can't hear you... I have a banana in my ear.

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molten cheers,

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Posted:I get the same when I'm sitting watching the sun rise and listening to the dawn chorus - everything just seems more fantastic and vivid.
I don't really get much opportunity to do that though, since I'm far too lazy to get up early enough and find somewhere with a good view on my days off work

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Posted:yes ... absolutely...
I love silence actually

Sorry because this is gonna lower the level of this thread but I had to quote my favourite French stand up comedian :

"after a piece by Mozart, the silence which follows is also by Mozart"
"After a speech by X (French politician) the silence which follows is France falling asleep"

Shine on

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