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(By that I mean the edge not when it all blows up)

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Posted:I thought the current accepted theory is that the galaxies are moving away too fast for the crunch theory to be valid - last year it was proven that the 'end' will be a sad, sad blackness from the entropy of innumerable widely separated stars

on the bright side we'lll be long dead.

now let us talk of rainbows. i those things, they're cool.

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Posted:Well i think the end of the universe is a massive pink fluffy wall.

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Posted:It is official.
The end of the universe is in Houston,Texas...
Where there is a Starbucks facing another Starbucks acrosse the street.

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Posted:Check this out for my alltime favorite description of the edge of the universe. First time I read it, it put images in my head like I'd never experienced before. Too bad that, when it comes down to it, it's just a record review.




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Posted:Bender, it's like this:
Last I checked, the 3 most accepted theories for the end of the universe are The Crunch, The Plateau, and The Big Bore.

The crunch is a widely accepted consequence of the Big Bang. It's dependent upon which creation theory you uphold. There is growing support for a phenomenon called Dark Matter. Dark Matter is by nature unobservable, yet accounts for 90% of the mass of the universe. Think of it like cosmic glue. We can calculate that dark matter cannot account for more than 99% of the mass of the universe. If it did, there would be so much gravity that the universe would have no recourse but to collapse on itself, hence the Crunch.

The Plateau theory is popular because it follows the pattern created by explosions here on a smaller scale. It says that expansion from the Big Bang will eventually slow down, then stop, and the universe will reach a 'plateau' and eternally remain the same.

The Big Bore is aptly named, because it simply states that matter is constantly moving away from each other and will just expand forever. This is also widely supported. How dark it will be, I dunno...

Speaking of rainbows, wanna know what's REALLY at the end of the rainbow? Infared radiation.

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Posted:I was talking with a good friend the other day about a scientific study that shows the speed of light is in fact slowing down. The study compared the constant used as the speed of light, and showed that over time there was a distinct downward trend.

This is interesting because, if it is correct, it shows that a lot of our scientific theorems & equations which rely on the speed of light as a constant may no longer apply.

Also, our theories on our distance (physical distance and distance in time) from other objects in space have to be re-assessed.

Whenever I think of these theorems I tend to return to a Douglas Adams moment. "one theory states that if we are ever able to explain the universe, it will immediately be replaced by something more complex and inexplicable...Another theory states that this has already happened". Maybe each time we disprove an old theory that explains the universe, and come up with something new, we are re-creating it.

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Posted:Its blue.


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