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Posted:Yesterday I had duty on the ship. That means I have to spend the night. I took my practice poi set (Two tennis balls with rope running through them). After everyone left, I took them to my office. After about 10 minutes, my boss walks in. He asks what they were for. I didn't want to tell him that it was practice for spinning fire, he would have sent me to medical for a psych evaluation. So, I told him it was a martial arts kata practice tool. He seemed to understand. Then, he grabs my practice pois and starts trying to spin them. He got really close to doing a weave...

eek eek eek

...right before he smacked himself in the nuts really hard. I could tell that he was trying to play it off and that he had really hurt himself. I was able to hold in my laughter until he left the room, then I hurt myself laughing...

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Posted:Oh dear.....LMAO!!!!
Thats kinda....he...*sigh*
oh well, at least he got close, poi are nasty little things wen it comes to hitting yourself with them...


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Posted:it always brightens my day when a guy asks to borrow my poi and straitaway smacks himself in the groin. i know i shouldn't, but it's incredably funny


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Posted:I read this and had images of my boss doing the same thing...then went into hysterics...shame on me...



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Posted:My boss comes to watch me spin fire sometimes at our local meet on tuesday nights. he lives five minutes walk away. and we both work one minute away

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pineapple pete
pineapple pete

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man thats hilarious

cheers, pete biggrin

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Posted:every time i do the old groin whack i thank the powers that be that i don't have balls.


had her carpal tunnel surgery already thanks v much
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Posted:Written by: myco

every time i do the old groin whack i thank the powers that be that i don't have balls.

same here...

and whenever my boss sees me spinning, he tells me I should just use the centrifuge like every normal person or silly jokes like that wink

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Posted:haha spot on!!! seeing as the other day i caught myself a TREAT in the knackers so.....i can vividly imagine the feeling eek


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Posted:LOL I know what you mean about my the nut whack man. The first time my bf picked up my poi he did that after a few minutes. When my roomate Thomas came home that afternoon and saw me spinning he asked if he could try so I let him. As my bf was in the process of telling him what happened earlier...he did the same thing.

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Posted:wow two years and only two posts since i last entered this thread ubblol



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Posted:How do i make a practice poi? I tried using rice a bag, sock, and some hemp cause i didn't have an old pair of shoe lace but it's a little to heavy and not accurate you can say.

Doc Lightning
Doc Lightning

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Posted:That name has a move. It's called the "OW FECK!!!" smile

-Mike )'(
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