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Hey you twirlophobes and spinsters, I'm trying to get set up for some black light shows this summer and I'm looking for a good source of black lights.Does anyone know where I can find portable black lights that run on batteries or can be charged up or something? Or barring that, does anyone have any recommendations of portable power sources that could run regular plug-in type black lights in the field? I'm going to be doing shows in places far from electricity and where open fire is banned.Thanks,SkyeMay a thousand schools of thought flourish

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i had seen a portable 4 ft blacklight at Spencers Gifts in the mall by my house a few months back that would run off of like 6 "D" size batteries. It even came with a stand. It was about 69.00 bucksI had also found a small one that i can clip to my shirt, or the front of my pants when i use glowsticks with white strings...It looks like i am spinning two giant plates with a colored ridge. It gets real intense to look at sometimes and i have to close my eyes, but definatle puts on a great show.You can pick up a small 12 volt generator at almost any Outdoor type place or Walmarts/ Targets/ Sam's/ sporting goods for about 30-40 bucks or so that you can plug into. it runs off of a 12 volt battery. that is usually included. just some suggestions... im sure there are better ones on the way.Super'------------------"Only the warrior that hears the call will know when to leave, Where to go" -unknown

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portable blacklights "R" us