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elora dana

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Posted:its amusing how some words are translated strange into german.

in german we say welle for weave. welle actually means wave. i guess it was just misunderstood. ubblol

but we also have nice german into english translations.

dont know if anyone has heard of this but a part of the feuerfest in austria is a collaborative performance from all the artists. the german word is gemeinsame performance which was literally translated as common performance. which gives it a whole other meaning. wink

anyone got any more?


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had her carpal tunnel surgery already thanks v much
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Posted:Was the Feuerfest the one that made the "Stuff" t-shirts for Staff?

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Posted:"All your base are belong to us" Cats from Zero Wing (jap - eng)

Chevrolet & Vauxhall Nova cars had to be translated in latino-speakin countries because 'No Va' mens 'doesn't go'

Spanish again: A Parker Pen "won't leak in your pocket and embarrass you." Parker though that embarazar means "embarrass." It actually means "impregnate."

Germans pronounce v as f, which meant that Vicks was a homonym for a nasty German word for sex.

Mist is also a German vulgarism, and refers to human excrement. This became a problem for Irish Mist whiskey and Clairol's Mist Stick.

Coca-Cola ran afoul of the Chinese alphabet. The name on its bottles read ke-kou-ke-la, which meant "bite the wax tadpole." That got changed to ko-kou-ko-le, which means "happiness in the mouth."

You may "come alive with the Pepsi Generation," but in Taiwan the slogan became "Pepsi Brings Your Ancestors Back from the Dead."

Pepsi subsidiary Kentucky Fried Chicken may sell "finger-lickin' good" chicken, but the Chinese were told to "eat their fingers off."




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Posted:austrian english?

sounds something like this:

ei dont no wei u r laffing at mei inglish

its quite amusing....

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Posted:*reads konsti's post out LOUD*

having visions of basil fawlty...


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Posted:When asked how I was doing by the mum of my German boyfriend at the time I was last staying there, I replied that although things were fine, I was awful at remembering people's names as always. Unfortunately, I mistook the word "furchtbar" (awful) for "fruchtbar" a word which can be translated as "fertile". redface

She found it rather forward of me at first but luckily saw the funny side biggrin

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