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Posted:Cherry had some of her work ladies over for a afternoon party. Any ways they brought their children and I kind of said I would entertain the kids with juggling and poi and games etc.

Well me and 5 kids (aged 3 -5 yrs) were running around the section playing chase. I had a poi set sticking out my back pocket and the kids had to grab it to win.

We ran and we ran....
I was so happy cause the kids were having so much fun

Then one of the mothers came out and said "be careful one of the kids might get tired and fall over and hurt themselves"

1 minute later... crash bang! and I tripped over my own shoe and skidded along a concrete path, ripping much of the skin from my arms, blood everwhere .

I am so glad that the mother did not say "I told you so"

Cherry played nurse and made everthing better

On a side note: Aloe vera gel is the best damn thing I have ever come across for burns and grazes.

May your balls always burn

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Posted:Looks like the mother's worries were misdirected.

Heal up soon Malcolm!


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Posted:*kissing the boo boo to make it better*

While I know you were doing a fantastic job pretending to be the grown Malcolm, you should've known when she said kids, she meant you too!

So did any of the kids grab the poi from your pocket after you fell? I think alot of American children would've! LOL

Aloe until it heals then a bit of vitamin e to prevent scarring. I swear by this!

Much love and healthful wishes!

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Posted:Poor Malcolm! Did she put mercuricrome on you? classic graze cure-all for kiddies and a very distinct bright red colour. very dramatic looking!

Just goes to prove we are all really just kids.

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Posted:I was definitely the biggest kid

The kiwi kids just stood in shock when I fell and didn't know weither to cry or not.

Obviously US kids are more focused on their goals.

So I am still the winner with the poi in my pocket

Will remember the vitamin E.

Thanks everyone

May your balls always burn


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Posted:did she put a bandaid on for you?

*bows to the healing powers of aloevera* works a treat on sunburn too `

i find that if i fall over, and laugh, people are ok about it.... especially kids. Even if im bleeding from twelve places... `

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I am so sorry, Malcolm, sweety but that is funny

to make it better

It was a day for screaming at inanimate objects.

What this calls for is a special mix of psychology and extreme violence...




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Posted:LOL ... sweet to see what a man would do to get his princess (sorry, his queen) to take care of him and do the nurse

get well soon, Malcolm so you can run around in circles again

playing is the key to happiness

much love and respect

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Posted:in the war of goofyness, many casualties must be taken.
My personal hygiene i consider to be collatoral damage.
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Posted:I always make sure that I'm the biggest kid at every party. No room for anyone else. My Napalm Fairy will attest to this - for those unbelievers - when she gets back from her hols.

Small Boy, Cass, Dibs or DFQ might do the honours in her absense . . .

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