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Posted:Some friends of mine are about to embark on a journey that I think is a very lousy idea. I've voiced my opinions, they respect me for the way I feel, but they also plan on following through with their plans.

My questions for you guys are this...How do you deal with the frustration within yourself at such a situation? I know they should be able to do as they please, so I won't hinder that. BUT, I've got this horrible nagging feeling inside me that keeps bugging me. What can I do to get over that feeling and just let them be happy? Why is something so small in the grand scheme of things giving me such angst?

In case you can't tell, this isn't a normal situation or feeling for me, so I'm at a bit of a loss.


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Posted:well i've found in the past in these sort of annoying situations that all you can realistically do is warn them and just tell them to be carefull.......and of course try to get them not to go but you've already tried that

also occupy yourself as much as you can, keep so busy so you cant worry about them

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Posted:i think that if you've tried to convince them not to go through with it, you've done your duty as a friend. if they see fit to continue with it, that's their choice and you have to respect that, even if you know it's not a good idea. voicing your opinion is all you can do in your position, and you've done your best, so be satisfied with taht.


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Posted:If you really have done your best to explain your reasons to them and they still want to do it, then you just have to wish them well and let it go.

Hard to do I know, but try anyway cool

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