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Posted:Really bad timing - just as falmouth is coming up, but I seem to have lost all interest in poi frown

Contact Juggling - I can pick up and play with any time. Finding it very slow progress at the moment but still enjoying it.

Double Staffs - ubblove

But poi confused Maybe it's because I've been doing it for longer than anything else. Maybe it's because I haven't learnt anything new for a while. But it just bores me now.
There are moves out there I could learn, but frankly can't see the point. There are moves out there that I just can't seem to learn. There's nothing really inspiring me to spin or learn poi anymore (Apart from some nice wibbles off Mr Chutney recently - thanks smile )

I used to get home from work and instantly pick up poi and spin in my room and learn stuff - but recently, meh. Nothing. No inclination to pick up the ol' socks at all.

Anyone else have this?
Words of advice?
Chocolate muffins?

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