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Posted:Hey all,

I very excited at the moment since I have just applied for the job described below and its Falmouth this weekend and another summer of festivals is about to start and I'll finish my course within the next three months - really hope I get this job it sounds ideal to me, if I do get it and its not ideal then I'll just have to make it ideal - so much stuff is going on I am endanger of typing censored about all the stuff for ages and then miss all stuff - I guess that is the paradox of HoP

Well just had to share my excited see many of you soon!!!

Stoo hug

Job Description

>What do you think about the state of the Earth?
>I'm optimistic.
>So why do you look so sad?
>I'm not sure that my optimism is justified.

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Posted:Wooooooo excitedy!!! Good luck and all that jazz!!


linden rathen
linden rathen

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Posted:WOOOOOOOOT smile
congrats good luck etc etc :P
*bounces a bit wishing he was going to falmouth




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Posted:congrats! hug

would you want a celebratory yummy yummy bang bang?

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Posted:oooooh! A-level biology! you can help me with my coursework then wink Congrats!!

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Posted:Congrats! The anticipation's thick and here's crossing fingers for you. smile Together with Falmouth.. mmm sure do love floods of good things..



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Posted:congratulations!!! sounds great. i hope it all goes well for you. as a little side note, i misread the title of this thread at first, and thought it said 'excretement'!! ubblol


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