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pineapple pete
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pineapple pete

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Posted:hi all.
this started in the South Park Bashing on Burningman Thread and i was wondering, what exactly classifies a hippy.
Is it a state of mind, a fashion statement, people who just like hug, or something else.

cheers, pete biggrin

"you know there are no trophys for doing silly things in real life yeah pete?" said ant "you wont get a 'listened to ride of the valkyries all the way to vietnam' trophy"

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The Tea Fairy
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The Tea Fairy

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*Bursts into song* This is the dawning of the age of aquarius... ubbrollsmile

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Posted: Written by: ado-p

Mainstream Personalities?


You have got to be kidding me.

.. not sure what you're getting at....

mainstream presonalities = conventionally-minded people... does that only make sence to myself?

It seems, more often than not, I only make sence to myself so dont feel left out ado-p beerchug

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Posted:wicked im not a hipy i dont even no wot the age of aquarius is?




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Posted:learn wink

... have seen Hair and loved it wink

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Posted:cheers tom
like the sound of that waffle do i have to go off in combat to get1???


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Am I a hippy?...maybe a reformed one. I'm too integrated into the modern world to maintain the hippy inside of me. Every year I go to the Big Green and find myself, and the year that passes takes it out of me again.



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