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Posted:Hey Lovely ones

Bayfire is on this Thursday, 24th March, down at the moonfest spot, Moora Park, on the beach at Shorncliffe

There will be Live Music, Market Stalls, Kids Rides, Fire Works of the jetty.... and not to mention a spectacular fire show brought to you from .:*Over the Moon*:.

Over the Moon's fire performance starts at 6:45pm (thursday 24th march) near the main stage.... The performance features a beautiful Full Moon Goddess (played by the gorgeous Valura) 3 Moon Maidens (Lilly, Nicole and Liela smile ) ....3 Moon Dudes (hehehe... Sam (prefered Moon *Consort* to Moon Dude), Kyle....and Arsn biggrin ) .... some Dream Weavers (rainbow*michelle, Bec and .:*Moon Pixie*:. ....on stilts.... and then quick costume change into.... the bubbley sparkey little Stardust Sprites....::::*** Should be fun, so come on down and be a happy face in the crowd! biggrin clap biggrin clap biggrin clap

Bayfire is a part of the Bluewater Festival, the big do put on by the city councel, leading up to the start of the Brisbane to Gladstone Yacht Race (Starting from the Shorncliffe Jetty Friday 25th ....also featuring .:*Over the Moon*:. stilt walkers biggrin and roving performers)

Then of corse it's MoonFest on the Saturday bounce biggrin bounce so we've got loads of exiting things going on in Brizzy this Easter

Hope to see some of you lovely one there!!!*:.

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