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NucleopoiBRONZE Member
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I am interested in everyones opinion as to whether they agree or

disagree with testing new drugs or products on animals before

they are released on to the market.If you do not agree how else

would you make sure they were safe and if you do agree please

tell me why...thanks

BirgitBRONZE Member
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Without meaning to be more rude than hippiechick herself, I think the "when I can think and talk sensibly about the subject" might be a limiting factor.

Can anyone tell I'm in a bad mood today? shrug

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SymBRONZE Member
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I'm sure this will be of interest:

There's too many home fires burning and not enough trees

Patriarch917SILVER Member
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That injunction is essentially the way abortion protesters are treated by law in the U.S.

Freedom of speech is important, but you shouldn't encroach.

afghan_bingoSILVER Member
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should animals be tested on?? yes they should. especially dogs

we were somewhere near barstow, on the edge of the desert, when the drugs began to take hold...

AsenaGOLD Member
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Do I dig this subject up again? open old wounds?

Its something that bugs me entirely, as I work for a big Pharmaceutical Company now (won't say which one, dont know who's reading wink ) And a couple of weeks ago, we had a whole bunch of Protestors outside my place of work, screaming about animal testing. Now, voicing your opinions is one thing, but banging on my colleauges car windows, intimidation and acutally pushing someone off their bike to the ground is not Pro-active!!

Plus, these protestors always seem to be so well informed, yet, they come to a site where the only testing done is on Humans... GAR!

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