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Posted:... i met a few lovely peeps, learnt some new tricks and weavesmiley like a ubbloco all night. afterwards i went to the ten bells over the road with some folks to raise a glass for jack the rippers victims (they drank in there apparently - spooky). anyway, we had quite a few beerchug and by the time the pub closed i was quite ubbloco and tired and refused my friends kind offer of a quick dooby back at theirs and instead staggered off to liverpoool st station to catch a train back to enfield town thinking i'll be home in about 3/4 of an hour - so far so good. when i got on the train at 11.30 i thought i'll just rest me eyelids for a bit.... next thing i know, i'm getting woken up by a train inspector telling me that its 1.30am and the trains at it's last stop, "censored, where the censored am i?" asks me, "liverpool st" says he, "censored, i've been to enfield and back here twice!" says me. bleary eyed, i wandered out of the station and found the the nearest night bus stop and realized that i was gonna have to catch about 2/3 buses to get back to enfield and that i was going to get a grand tour of london in the process, "censored!" thinks me. anyway, i finally got home at about 3.30am and climbed into bed with my girlfriend whose first question was "where the censored have you been?", "don't ask" says me before resting me eyelids again.

thats all folks and thankx for reading my ramble bye

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Posted:nightmare ubblol

hug have a hug!


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Posted:ubblol ubblol ubblol ubblol

That was funny. Mainly beacuse nothing nasty happened to you and you got home. I can just see you sitting in the train drooling onto the seat. wink Here you would have had to walk. Trains and buses dont run that late.

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Posted:Hhahaaha, thats great, I've done that a couple of times, I remember once, waking up on the train 'cos the mobile was ringing and I looked out the window and just see lots of country side, I lived just outside london at the time. Got off the train and go the the platform gong the other way, train comes and it was going out of london.....???? Luckily it was only about 8pm.

Other times... ended up in hospital having stitches while most trains were down because of 1/2 inch of snow, ending up at a station way to far to walk while still drunk and sore head.....
but night buses can be very amusing. Gets filled completely with drunked morons, myself the biggest, talking crap, blokes trying a last desperate bid to pull.... oooooo ubbrollsmile, passed out people that can't be woken, that have probably missed their stop...

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