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Posted:I'm a month into traveling around the world and I leave for Sydney on monday. I've got 3 month in Oz so will probably stick the East coast. So the the questions are:

What's worth seeing/doing?
Does anyone want to get together and maybe teach me a bit?
How much does the beer cost?
Is there anyway I can learn a bit more djembe (african drumming)

Thanks all you lovely people ubbrollsmile

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Posted:Yes yes yes it's all good and you will have a ball! Lots of things are worth doing!! Write to me PMif you like..
Beer is a few bucks in the bottle shop, up to $4 o4 $5 max in pubs or clubs. Ozzie lite beer is just a little bit weaker than normal English beer so yo'll get on fine! Oztralians are pretty friendly and spinning is pretty common here,( lotsof outdoor friendly weather as well as people!)

There's quite a few spin meets... have a look at the International section here regarding Melbourne. I just asked myself about Sydney... but I can tell you about our area. There's three major sessions around Brisbane... Monday nights at the Southbank Piazza (centre of the city by the river) is great, and getting busier every week it seems. No fire, lots of everything else, very friendly. There's a train station a couple of minutes away.. South Brisbane.

Moonfest is a great fire festival jam by a beach in the north of the city every Full Moon. The very Special and Precious Moon Pixie organises that (thanx!!!) and if you can't get a lift, the nearest train station is Shorncliffe. There's also a big fire night at Burleigh Heads on the Gold Coast on Sundays, from just before sunset I believe. Loads of people teach and play djembe in Oz. It's a pretty lumpy drum to travel with though and a lot of people get p*ssed off with them cos they;re so damn noisy to the point of being antisocial. If you don;'t have a drum already, consider getting a smallet Middle eastern one eg a dumbek or daholla. More lyrical, smaller to carry. augh, I'm runnign out of battery memory, gotta go!!!!

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