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Posted:so, i thought i'd try my hand at making a fire devil stick on my lathe. i intend it to be tapered, that being where the lathe enters into things. i was wondering if i could get some advice on how to make it balanced, how to make the wicks, how to make the grip, just anything you think i should probably know before undergoing this task. i already have a Beard stick and handsticks, so i thought i'd base it off that with adjustments for making it all fire-like


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Posted:Find someone who can get a program for the lathe to do it for you. I know they exist for metal, but I'm not sure about wood...
That's all I got for the tapering bit, the other stuff I've got no ideas for.

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Posted:the wicks ideally need to be attached to metal not wood. So you'd need either one metal bar throughout the whole stick (very strong and durable but almost impossible to make) or two short bits glued into piolt holes at each end of your devilstick (possibly not safe)
P.s. buy some aluminium tape to cover all of the wood for fire proofing and grip.

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