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Posted:right i need help with my film and video prject........i cant think of an idea to do that wont be awkward or just too hard

so the project its on urban legends
which can mean fairy tales, urband legends(obviously),super hero films, and greek myths etc

so i have to make a 3-5 min film with some sort of script, i was thinking about doing a batm man pisstake with an old fat batman going around doing every day household jobs, going shopping, collecting pension?
i have recently ditched this idea over fear that i wouldnt be able to make it funny,

please please please help, and as a reward i will post the finished thing up on the net

I like Languages.

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Posted:hey dude,

when i was at uni I did a similar thing, coincidently also in exeter, and we had to pick a story from a local newspapre anmd produce a film based on that. it just so happened that there was your usual south-west big cat sighting that week!

so we did a new report/spoof in that classic spotlight style. smile I think i was the reported and we had various "character" witnesses, there was the pub landlord, the guy who caught it all on film, and a fox hunter who declared he would not rest until he had hunted the beast down. possibly the highlight of the piece was some filming we did of a mates dog running around a field witht he camera all out of focus trying to make it look like some kind of panther!

It all turned out well, was pretty amusing, and being in the south-west the big cat story is one myth that crops up very often!

hope this provides some inspiration!


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Posted:I dunno nate, the batman idea sounds cool. If you have some humerous commentary over the top maybe?
No ideas are coming tom ind right now but ill think. smile


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