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Posted:I just spoke to one of my old friends, from the group that ditched me after my ex broke up with me lst year,

There are rumours going round that i'm on cocaine, i'm suicidal and i'm hurting my new boyfriend and shock horror gasp, i had lied about my eating disorder... eek (which is gone now, but will never really leave my head alone)wjhy would i lie about something as serious as that?!

I only told her the truth and she still called me a liar...

i dont get it...

Why do people do this, liek you one minute, hate you the next? frown

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Posted:they cause drama, beceause their lives are boring and they watch too many soap operas.

"is optimism in austria just a lack of information?"
-Alfred Dorfer


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a feeling of belonging by creating a little 'in group' feel by spreading nasty stuff about others?
if they delude themselves into thinking you're (insert rumour here) some strange logic makes them automatically such a clever/ important/ likeable person in comparison?
if they believe that you made up something that might cause them to feel empathy for you, they can detach themselves and forget that you're a person with feelings too?
or just plain bitchiness.

as you can see, i've had the odd run in with bitchiness too.
grrrr to bitchiness angry


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Posted:dude, don't even worry about it. if they're not willing to accept you as you are, then they're not worth being friends with. and this goes doub;e for your ex, as they say, "you are who your friends are"


erm....can you smell parafin or is it me?

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Posted:Hey I know its upsetting I am having similar stuff happening right now, hug
This is the crunch time where you learn who you real freinds are.
Keep smiling smile, please don't let them get you down, if you do they win.


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Posted:Some people feel powerful by demeaning others with hurtful gossip. Just enough of an element of truth to be believable like the eating issue and possibly sheer boredom or jealousy on their behalf becuase their lives are miserbale.

Why she called you a liar..now thats just wierd. Few people will call another a liar to thier face, even with justification. Does she desire somehing in your life, is she jealous. Did she make a move on your ex and was knocked back or messed with and somehow you are to blame confused

People...cant live with them.. wink

Is it the Truth?
Is it Fair to all concerned?
Will it build Goodwill and Better Friendships?
Will it be Beneficial to all concerned?

Im in a lonely battle with the world with a fish to match the chip on my shoulder. Gnu in Binnu in a cnu


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Posted:Been in a similar possition and trust me their not worth it. Is hard when its people you used to consider friends treat you that way but if their gunna treat ya that way your better of out of it get on with your life and enjoy it with out their nonsence in it i know i am i appologise about the spelling

Tell me and I forget, Show me and I remember, Involve me and I understand


had her carpal tunnel surgery already thanks v much
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Posted:Hey Sakura!

Usually when a couple splits up, the friends will feel kind of awkward about it. They'll usually decide to stick with one of them because they hate being in between 2 sides; I've been there and it's not nice. The more honest and nice ones will probably just tell you, but the ones that don't manage will be very grateful to have something negative to think about you. That way, they can think that you are to blame for them not talking to you anymore. And at some point they'll just start believing all the rumours. When they get confronted with why they do it, of course, they can either admit that they've been stupid or they can bitch and call you a liar, and given that they are of the type that prefers soap opera to honesty, in about 95% of the cases they'll go for the bitchiness. So don't even bother, they're just silly kids really! hug

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Posted:well to end this whole rumors deal all you have to do is confront ppl in front of large audiences.... IMO
i think that works out, if you are good at public speaking.


you just sit down in front of them, do a line and puke on their shoes while beating up your boyfriend....

that will shut them up.... theyll be scared of you....

"is optimism in austria just a lack of information?"
-Alfred Dorfer

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