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Posted:Hi everyone, my name is Poppie, I'm 17 and a unicyclist (:
I was a majorette when I was younger and have recently picked up a (way too small) baton, which I love spinning. I have tried juggling, diablo, poi, and staff(okay, it was a broom handle) but I think I prefer the manoeuvrability of a short baton(I think I will need a 22" when I buy one/a pair). The problem is I cannot find any sites or help with baton spinning techniques, such as throws etc. /: not sure if I should be posting here, is baton spinning frowned upon here?
Does anyone else do it or have any answers?
Poppie (:

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Posted:go for areotech :P

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Posted:Greetings Wing. I bought Natives Firestaff on HOP. I am 5'3 and his Firestaff is too long for me personally. His staff is the red 55 inch one. After looking at the staffs again I see that I need to order the grey one as its 39 inches and my Globug is 36 inches. I like doing a lot of finger spins. I think I will be all right with the transition since I can use the 55 inch one but can't do finger spins with it & I don't want to wack myself up too bad. ubblol Also, I do know they make non Firestaffs but I don't like the way they look at all. I will keep you updated on when I get it and start using it. I also plan on ordering the Baton twirling DVD's from Sharp

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Posted:Alright, it took me a long time to find aerotech staffs...ha, not something you can set on fire but very very nice. Wish they weren't so expensive. That must be what they're using here:
which is serendipitously coming to Connecticut in June (finally, something to do with spinning in the US!).

Thanks PrayerFireAngel, I hope you enjoy those dvds. OK, you're talking about the 3 piece innercores in the hop shop. I'm thinking of trying those, also hanging out at the home depot thinking of assembling one from scratch now that I'm getting so keen on playing with contact.



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Posted:Poppy never returned to us.



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