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Location: Oakland, CA, USA

while we're at it, talking about what is up with all of us, i would really like to know what gender all of you are. ive noticed, when going around looking at some of your peoples sites and stuff i am sometimes surprized so if one person is surprizedi bet others can be too. im a guy. i guess that about wrapd up my side of the story.DRAKE

DomBRONZE Member
Carpal \'Tunnel
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Location: Bristol, UK

Don't worry Cass, you're far from being a typical anything! You're a unique and beautiful soul!
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Thistle and I are gender ambivalent. Yeah!

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Location: Akron, Ohio

*turns head and coughs* Healthy Male
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------------------Nothing good ever comes from hanging out with "normal" people.

Nothing good ever comes from hanging out with normal people.

CassandraFroggie ... Ribbit !!!
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Location: Back in Paris... for now !

I think if you can live happily with both the male and the female side within you , you are the luckiest person on earth...
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and no, I did *not* read that in a woman's magazine
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still not quite getting over being called a "typical woman"... cause it has ruined my tom boy reputation and carrier
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But smiling at the kind words of Dom
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shine onCassandra

"I want brown bread... no, that is diesel oil..."
"So I was raised in Europe, where History comes from ..."
"NON !!! La Plume de mon oncle n est pas Bingibangibungi !!!"

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Location: Reading, UK

All the way from mother nature's arse, I am ALL female------------------Where there is sorrow I seek the Flame - Rumi

Where there is sorrow I seek the Flame - Rumi

TanzenBRONZE Member
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Location: Jacksonville, Florida USA

I'm really quite suprised that there are SO many female members. The other message board I belong to is one for deejays and there are very few female members.I don't know if it's like this for other guys...but I know when I see a girl who can poi, it makes me immediately attracted to her. So, the more women doing this, the better.
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Tanzen------------------Ravers don't share glowsticks!

Ravers don't share glowsticks!

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*checks down pants*yep still male.for blurry pics of me.. board for deejays? hmm where is that tanzen? i go to a lot.------------------~whoosh whoosh whoosh~

~whoosh whoosh whoosh~

SabineGOLD Member
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Location: Australia

Morning all,the computer is 86% certain that I'm male. I still believe I'm female although, now that I think about it, my brother is the one who buys the pretty clothing while my shopping list has mostly hand and power tools....SabineWho's glad that all the rain means that the total fire ban is sure to be lifted.

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Location: Mt. Horeb, Wi, USA

Hrm, well, ok...I feel a bit foolish posting under this thread, but I figure that since I have nothing to do at work I may as well post.Well, since Websense won't let me go to the site, I'll have to go with what I feel instead of what a machine tells me. Therefore, let it be stated that on this, the sixth day of February, 2002, Wren is a, my posts get lamer and lamer as I keep typing, so I should stop.Oh yes, I agree with the flirt with anybody comment. You *really* should not be bothered/offended/angry if someone of the same sex flirts with you (assuming you're heterosexual)...I don't have a problem with women flirting with me (actually I think it's sorta fun, but I'm a big dork too). Just take it as a compliment. Okay, enough of my little tolerance lecture *breathes a sigh of relief upon thinking he has escaped a poi pummeling* I write all of this...could've just been four words...-Wren

-WrenAnd that, my friends, is condensed evil.

Whiffle Squeekaddict
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Location: Hartford, CT USA

im a boy

Educate your self in the Hazards of Fire Breathing STAY SAFE!

SickpuPpyNinja Rockstar!
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Location: Denver, Co. U.S.A.

Male.Outdoor plumbing rules!------------------If you love something, set it on fire.

Jesus helps me trick people.

Lambretta Fanatic
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Location: United Kingdom

just another english bloke that spins fire!
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(sorry to disappoint u sex starved men out there hahaha..)PK


"To be an angel, one need not have wings.
In giving love there is an equal grace.
Nor need one seek the aura in the face,
As love unveils the beauty of all things."

*Francois Couperin.

Kinudin (Soul Fyre)veteran
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Location: San Diego, California, USA

Hehe, I'm male. But, well. Yea. I'm sure you all knew that
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(jk)It's good to see that this group is mixed!*cheers*

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Location: brooklyn

hmmm thats a toughy...lemme check...yup...imma dude

Follow Wuggarooism10)Dons't cheateth on thee's significant other9) If thou seest a pig that resembles thee's friend...dont eateth the pig...perhaps it is thee's friend8) If thou talkest shit..thou is a pansy7) Don't buttith into conversations for it will be over thous head6) Dont let stupid comments go unpunished they can only leadest to thous anyurysms5) Dont lie to your friends4) Thou areest what thou arest don't change thou for anyone 3) Masturbation isnt a crime2) When a horse comes up to thou and sayest baaa thou must run!1) Be excellent to eachother

CharlesBRONZE Member
Corporate Circus Arts Entertainer
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Location: Auckland, New Zealand

Why are the biggest threads with the highest number of replies nothing to do with fire?!?!?!?
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Shheesshhh!PS I like the outdoor plumbing comments, I too have my own tapware...------------------Charles (INFERNO)newdolbel@hotmail.com

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TanzenBRONZE Member
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Location: Jacksonville, Florida USA

RavingLunatic...e-mail me for the www of the deejay message won't be disappointed.
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Tanzen------------------Ravers don't share glowsticks!

Ravers don't share glowsticks!

DJ DantanaBRONZE Member
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Location: Stillwater, Ok. USA

Gentleman at heart, poet by nature, warrior by instinct, hero when neccesary.

we eat and we drink and we smoke and we try!

SurlochSILVER Member
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Location: Brisbane, Australia

Mostly Guy.

N mar a sltear a btear

“Things may not be as they seem to be”

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Location: south woodham ferrers, Essex, UK

I'm all Female an quite pleased, since learning to poi i have had a few accidents that would've hurt if i was male
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lolTake it easyLoleena xXxxXx

Do not go where the path may lead, go instead, where there is no path an leave a trail

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Location: Marietta, Georgia, United States

<--has penis

Fire Demon of the Dwarven world...I am Belrock

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Location: Rochester, NY, USA

As surprising as this must be with my unisex username, I am a Male. I have been my whole life and plan to continue to be so for the rest of it.------------------FYI: I am not Pele. If you wish to reply to me and use a short version of my name, use: PWB."Those who can, do. Those who can't, critique" - Let the fire change you

FYI: I am not Pele. If you wish to reply to me and use a short version of my name, use: PWB.

English? Who needs that? I'm never going to England. - Homer Jay Simpson

Raymund Phule (Fireproof)Enter a "Title" here:
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Location: San Diego California

If yalls cant figure out that I am a guy then yous gots problems

Some Jarhead last night: "this dumb a$$ thinks hes fireproof"

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Location: Pembrokeshire, UK

*looks at staff* Male...*checks testy thingy*yep... probably male.:-)

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Location: Oceanside, CA USA

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------------------"come with me to a land of fantasy, take my hand down into techno wonderland"parents say video games affect teens I dont think they do,if they did, take pac man for example, we'd all be running around darkend rooms munching magic pills listening to repetitive music. PLUR

Its not easy being green....

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Location: Jacksonville, Florida, U.S.A.


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Location: Calgary alberta Canada

chick, woman, betty, bird, senorita, muchacha, girl, grrl, girlie, lady, dame, mistress, her , princess, queen, valkerie, amazon, bitch, witch, im a girl....... with fire..

Teach tolerance, not competition.
Send food, not bombs.

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Location: san diego, california, usa

169% chicaheheyah total girl here

-kaekae--KEIKI-alwayZ member...-~*KaeKae*~- LuVs YoU!!!mai poi boi gonna beat ur @$$

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Location: Pensacola, FL, USA

I'm just your typical 19 yr old guy, only, I spin fire, so I'm not that typical, yet here, amongst friends, I am just one of many and no longer belong to a class of my own...I think I'm going to leave now and pretend I didn't come to that conclusion.------------------ -M@TTKeep the fire burning.

-M@TTKeep the fire burning.

pozeeBRONZE Member
old hand
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Location: san diego, USA

manhey KAE, san diego huh...

anyone got a light?

StoneGOLD Member
Stream Entrant
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Location: Melbourne, Australia

Before or after the operation?
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If we as members of the human race practice meditation, we can transcend our fear, despair, and forgetfulness. Meditation is not an escape. It is the courage to look at reality with mindfulness and concentration. Thich Nhat Hanh

CantusSILVER Member
Tantamount to fatuity
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Location: Down the road, United Kingdom


"I'll carry this....It's harder to spill a hat" - Chellybean
" a rabbit caught in a lighthouse?" - Chellybean

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