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Posted:I was just wondering if their is anyone in the reading or surronding areas who would like to meet up and give me a hand (cheeky to ask I know)

I have today been shopping in camden and got my first set of fire poi I can do the basics from learning on here and from my flat mate but now I can do the same stuff as hjim and seem to have got stuck and cant really seem to execute some of the other moves as I tend to learn better if I am learning of someone if that makes sense.

So id their is anybody about who wants to give a newbie a hand that would be great.

Sorry for the cheekyness.


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Posted:How is this cheeky? confused

I go to wellington college in crowthorne, which is a train journey away from reading. Ill see if i cud stop by.

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Posted:I have transport if people arnt to far away as well.


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