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Posted:Heya : )
I'm a poi user myself but my son after seeing a staff in action has been bugging me to get him one so he can learn juggle lol
Any recommendations on a beginner staff for him I have no clue on what would be best... long, or short, type, weight etc.
I'm a pretty crafty person so I'm not afraid to tackle making one if I have to.
Any help would be much appreciated biggrin
Thanks !


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Posted:i find shoulder length is good, not to heavy not to light smile depends how old your son is really

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Posted:He's 14 and bigger than me now lol 5' 8" . So shoulder length would probley work well I imagine. smile


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Posted:im 5'8" and i use a 5 ' staff. i would make a few kinds of practice ones first. that way he would have a light aluminum, a heavier wood one, one a bit longer, one a bit shorter. this way he can see what he likes best but he may also want to use one type for a certain style and another for, well you get the point. the added bonus there are always extras for friends to play with.

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Posted:best advice

get a wooden pole, like a brrom handle, put some tennis grip in teh center to make a grip, and put lts of tape on the ends or a couple of cloths taped onto each end for weight

now you have a staff that has prob cost you less then 5 notes, meaning if he does not like it then you have not spent to much money

the general consensos is that a staff is a foot shorter than the person, ie, im approx 6 ft, a little under and i use a 5ft staff, to allow clearence form teh ground easily

go for maybe a 5ft staff, and if its not right, cut it down

staff come in a huge range, i have seen 8-10ft right down to 2 ft staffs being used, it dont matter as long as you love it

loads of us, inc myslef started out like this, and then progressed to new staffs amd fonally moved to fire and contact staffs.

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Posted:Yer, that's basically what I got...

I bought 2 3/4" dowels about 5' long (I'm 5'6"). Grippy type tape in the middle and wrapped the ends in old towel ripped into 2.5"-3" strips. It's worked out well the towels have helped me avoid a few concussions and they got spray painted bright pink so they are really visible. I like them alot for practice, and I just ordered my aluminum 3piece fire staff to light up with... Nice n cheep way to get the sizing and movements down. You might see if you can get one a little long then you can adjust by sawing off the end until the length feels right...



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Posted:Thanks bunches! Great idea's on making them. Going to try to get one done today for him now that I know what to do : )

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Posted:I've had good enough practice using a practice staff, without wicks. But I find this lacking weight at the ends and therefore it doesn't spin as well as it would if it did have wicks at the ends. I managed to solve this problem by cutting holes into tennis balls and sticking them on the ends giving it the weight. Just a hint for if you don't trust your son (or yourself for that matter) with fire! wink

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Posted:I'd have him play with both short and long staffs....see which he likes.....I like the longer ones myself. and make sure you mark the center....it'll save you a lot of time smile

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Posted:broom handles. let him stick/nail/screw bits on as required [foam grip, cloth on the ends]

if he likes it, i'd show him the way to the nearest hardware store and leave him to it. i'm sure that at 14 he's competent to build stuff, and it's always much more rewarding if you make your own gear . . .


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Posted:have you got a fire meet near you...coz you could always go to one and have a go of different kinda staff to see what hes likes then buy or make one....plus he will pick up lots of moves in prosess!!

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Posted:I'd use something lighter at first, and about shoulder length as previously mentioned.

Once you learn a few moves and start to settle in and get comfortable with it though, I reccommend getting something much heavier like a peice of thick steel pipe for practice. It's much harder, but in the long run it will make you stronger, faster (if you wish), and give you much better control over what will be undoubtedly a much lighter performance staff.


But keep the light happy one on hand for learning brand new moves and throws and things like that. That will save you a lot of pain and bruises.

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Posted:I would sujest for you pick up a 6lb bar and begin some basic figure 8 tricks,

this will build your muscles to get used to winging sticks around

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Posted:I guess I started out with a jo staff for martial arts, they're cheap and readily available without looking too much like a broom handle (psychology of teenager: Want staff, not broom handle!!). Once he's been practicing with that moves with a lighter, thinner fire staff will be a lot easier.

But for most people (even in martial arts training) a broom handle does just as good.

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Posted:I'd have to agree with SickpuPpy on this one. Let him try out different staff lengths with something cheap and light, but if he comes back to practice, set him up with something heavy. A hollow but relatively thick steel bar works wonders. My first staff was a 6ft steel tube, and let me tell you: it made tricks easy.

Weight gives you a quick start on muscles and general performance endurance, and due to the amazing amount of momentum, you are forced to learn a trick properly (without muscling planes, like lighter staff users like to do in my experience) or you don't learn it at all. Just tell him not to hit himself too hard, it hurts and leaves marks if you don't pad the ends well.

Edit: For reference, once you use the heavy staff, using any other staff, including wicked, gives you inherent speed. I am currently looking for something ~35 pounds and ~70 pounds just for muscle development.

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Posted:a wood broom stick is the best.

if youll give him something "medium", not to long, not to short, no specific weight and strait, then after some practice he would know what to improve, what he wants his staff to be. then look for what he wants.

worked for me :S

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Posted:i use a plastic broom handle covered in black mascing tape, it works for me. lol not sure how long it is tho, just broom length i guess smile


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Posted:Still use my same practice staff for learning and soft spin - Wooden broom handle, electrical tape grip and strips of matting nailed to each and then taped. My favourite staff. And as was previously stated personal preference is best length - i'm 6" and use a 4" stick.
Was same stick i used to practice staff kata with when i did martial arts...
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Posted:I was playing with quarterstaffs since I was really little and that's what I attribute my skills to. if you start him out with something that's larger in diameter and heavier it will be easier for him to pick up an actual staff later on.

starting at a disadvantage means you have to get better faster, so you do.^^

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Posted:I think when you first learn, you should go heavy. That way u learn to control the stick extremely well and can recover from difficult situation when spinning with fire

I started with a fairly heavy rake handle with the sharp end cut off, and wrapped in insulation tape

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Posted:Hi all.
I recently decided to make some practise staffs for myself and group and i came accross some silver look holographic book covering and I have stuck it on the practise staffs and they look quite effective especially if you are in a busy street and practising in your front yard cause the dog wrecked the back, lets just say , it looks alot better than just a stick with socks on the end! putting the mind to it it is amazing what can be done to a stick. smile
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Posted:ok what u need is a ton of uv active wool some pva glue and a broom stick.

bear with me on this, brush on some pva ans wrap the wool alll the way down... and there u go a great looking staff(well if ur near a uv light anyway...) but u can get it so its colourd so nice colors in the day nice at a party....also for added effect really long ribbons on each end and they look stunning. smile

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