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vaperloc...the mightylook @my member
466 posts
Location: Ft worth Texas

umm i dun have a html addy but i am at or vaperloc1 on aim.
or mebbe that is my html and i am just an idiot......damn drinkin durin the day

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AHH theres too many wee leprechauns i cannae squash them all

fee fairynewbie
34 posts
Location: Nr London, UK


i'd love to chat to people!


Mags The JediGOLD Member
2,020 posts
Location: Cornwall, UK

Mine is magsthejedi at hotmail.

kinda predictable.

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Pink...?BRONZE Member
Mistress of Pink...Multicoloured
6,140 posts
Location: Over There, United Kingdom

Ok just reading back through this...

Do you realise that Pink Flags posted eek One of her only 18 posts! Wow... never realised that she posted on here. (oh and she doesn't have that email address anymore!)

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nativeSILVER Member
sleeping with angels
508 posts
Location: anaheim CA usa

muckiehas e mail


roarfireSILVER Member
comfortably numb
2,676 posts
Location: The countryside, Australia

Post deleted by roarfire

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Stormy, Queen of VodkaThe HoP Industrial Rainbow Fairy
385 posts
Location: Near Portsmouth, UK


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233 posts
Location: Hexham, Newcastle, England

nilid69 at hotmail dot com, natchurally.

OrangeBoboSILVER Member
1,389 posts
Location: Guelph, ON, Canada

Kinda sad that I haven't put mine on here yet, oddly enough.

I'm on way too much for my health. *cough*

~ Bobo

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triple wordscoremember
75 posts
Location: London, Uk, in a boring town called Ruislip....


Ok, mine isssss.......


Anyone feel free to add me!

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VixenSILVER Member
Carpal \'Tunnel
3,276 posts
Location: Oxfordshire/Wiltshire, United Kingdom

if u wanna get hold of me.....

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FunkFishWatch out as ultimate Cute and Funkyness arives...
191 posts
Location: Holland, Zaandam (next to Amsterdam)

we should make an adressbook or something here...

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29 posts
Location: Dubai

hy guys mine is captg33(at)hotmail(dot)com. stuck in dubai scorchio or really mucho scorchio here 45degrees c and too hot to be out side would love to chat. see if you can send some cold weather this way ill swap you some hot humid and sunny.......

gitaSILVER Member
.:*distracted by shiny things*:.
3,776 posts
Location: brizvegas, Australia

Post deleted by gita

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Stormy, Queen of VodkaThe HoP Industrial Rainbow Fairy
385 posts
Location: Near Portsmouth, UK

oh, and mine has changed now due to hotmail being pants..

I'm now

.You've got invisible fangs and cherry nun bangs,
Your erotic cabaret is non stop
You're wearing too many belts
And I bet they leave welts
Shut up and dance cause I wanna pop.

wouacGOLD Member
183 posts
Location: Iceberg 319, Canada


It is a mistake to think you can solve any major problems just with potato's.

jemima (jem)SILVER Member
1,750 posts
Location: london, United Kingdom

yay found this at last

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griffinfeminine tiddly pom
505 posts
Location: cambs england

mines v original

in state of metamorphosis

18 posts
Location: London, UK

Guess I better sling my msn addy down then eh.


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meepSILVER Member
344 posts
Location: Midlands - nr cov, United Kingdom

smile meep(at)incognito(dot)plus(dot)com

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yannicusGOLD Member
169 posts
Location: Paris, France, the armpit of europe

not that i expect anyone to take note, but:

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_Clare_BRONZE Member
Still wiggling
5,967 posts
Location: Belfast, Northern Ireland (UK)

firepoise at hotmail


Getting to the other side smile

KaelGotRiceGOLD Member
Basu gasu bakuhatsu - because sometimes buses explode
1,584 posts
Location: Angel's Landing, USA


Or for my old one.

w00t for gmail!

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nativeSILVER Member
sleeping with angels
508 posts
Location: anaheim CA usa



DominoSILVER Member
UnNatural Scientist - Currently working on a Breville-legged monkey
757 posts
Location: Bath Uni or Shrewsbury, UK

Guess I'm a little late on this band wagon

ffreddson dontsendmelotsofshit at hotmail dot com

Part of that is fake, I'll let you guess which bit wink

On the subject of spam I was once sent 614 identical emails (all at once I think) for a casino site, it would have been more but my hotmail account filled up and shut down in self defence. I guess the logic was "Well, he can't ignore over 600 emails, surely he'll come to the site." Right up there with "Subject: f3D up of/// sPAm!!!???"
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efes spinnernewbie
15 posts
Location: Northern Cyprus

Posted: feel free to say elo...

To each der own as with all in life.

99 posts
Location: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Posted: I really do

I don't care who you vote for

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Ash Blackstarmember
177 posts
Location: San Antonio, Texas, USA

I just recently got msn so here goes.

Ash Blackstar

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Hairy TaitBRONZE Member
109 posts
Location: Back in the Future, United Kingdom


But i'm not sure if it works properly..i Tried to sign in at an Internet cafe once and it said they didn't support that kind of net address...But go for it Knock yourself out....!!!

It's a very interesting story, Future Boy....!

SkulduggeryGOLD Member
Pirate Pixie Crew Captain
8,428 posts
Location: Wales

*watches as the frenzied battle of the spam robots chew up and spit out a mile of luncheon meat mail to all the addies on this thread*

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