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Donielle Daremember
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Location: Las Vegas, NV

I am new to the Vegas area, and am a beginner/intermediate poi spinner. I would love to meet others in this area that I could spin with, and learn from. I love spinning fire, but not by myself. Can anybody help me?

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Location: Henderson Nevada

Hi Donielle,
I'm Eddie, and I live in Henderson. I'm not much of a poi spinner, mostly staff when I can find the time. I'm an OTR Trucker, so I dont see home as often as I'd like, but I'll light up with ya when I'm not drivin. I'll be back next week. Where do ya want to hook up?

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Location: Los Angeles, Calinforna

Hi Eddie and Donielle,

Im Shehnaz. I live in Los Angeles, California. I have been practicing poi since July 2004.

Good news, I did spinning fire. I love it! I wanna do it again when I practice new lessons of poi.

I hope you guys will keep up to learn poi, you will love spinning fire if you feel no nervous and scary!

I could wish to help you but I live in LA.

Hi, its me, sparkleslady. I hope you guys can contact me to play poi in Los Angles, calinforna. I'd love to learn from you guys.

Fine_Rabid_DogInternet Hate Machine
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I think pounce lives in Las Vgas... i think. shrug but i dont know 4 certain.

Sorry hug

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MandSILVER Member
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Location: Calgary Canada

Yup, pounce is in Vegas.

I haven't seen her around here lately though. umm

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DuncGOLD Member
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we miss pounce frown

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stongsfireGOLD Member
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Location: Washington D.C.

Theres a large group up in Reno......but that's a little far away

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Donielle Daremember
2 posts
Location: Las Vegas, NV

Hey everybody, thanks for the help. I've been out of town. Eddie, I would like to meet up with you. If anyone hears from Pounce, please send her my direction. Hopefully, I can find a couple of people here.

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Location: Henderson, NV

Hey everyone. There's going to be a new fire performing group in Las Vegas and Henderson. My name is Kevin and am going through legalities of starting a group. The name is Fire Factory and it's up on Yahoo Groups. Send me some e-mails and I'll get in contact with you. P.S. I came from the Reno group. They're called Controlled Burn. You can find them online at and see my picture up in the members page.


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Dante40SILVER Member
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Location: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Hi! My name is Dante', and I live in Las Vegas near the strip. I spin poi with glowsticks, led balls, kite-poi, and fire. I aslo do flags. If you'd like to meet, just ask for my number. You can find me at too.

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pounceSILVER Member
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Location: body in Las Vegas, heart all around the world, USA

hey i'm back. and yes i'm in las vegas smile i have several people i spin with, we actually went out last night. anyone who wants to meet up, just send me a PM smile

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