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I get to see Cirque Du Soleil (2005) in August when it comes round to Toronto biggrin

I am SOOOO hyped up to see it.

I have always loved circuses as a kid. I've got posters all around my room from the famous ones like, Garden Bros, Ringling Bros, Barnum and Bailey and so on, and I watched Cirque on TV when I was little (before it became live shows and pay per view).

I am so hyped up. So far I'm taking my girlfriend with me (She thinks it's really cool too, not quite the fanatic I am, but she loves to watch all the circus skills stuff. Refuses to learn it, but loves to watch it...) and I might have my friend and her dad coming as well.

Has anyone seen this perticular show yet? Any good reviews/favorite parts?

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It truly is an amazing show, the music the acts the scenery costume design its eye candy, i have all the acts on dvd bar one. its the best show out, well i think so any way. which show is it?

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