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Posted:well i just wanted to share my happyness wit everone. i have hit a poi milestone. i've been doing it for about a month now off an on, but any ways i finally have the butterflies and the weaves down and I DON'T HIT MYSELF ANY MORE it's all because i found HOP. the instrutions were exactly what i needed.
thanks you guys!!!

On the move to live the groove. PeAcE! ;)

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Posted:C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S !

heheehe, thats what we like to hear..... Good work Organix! Hope you have a long an happy life Poi'ing!

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Posted:Congrats dude,
*Looks to the distance*
I'll never forget the first time i picked up pois and promptley swung a magnificent arc directly to my bollocks . An interesting experience

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