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Posted:We have a how old are you now thread.
We have a what type of education do you have thread.
We have a what level of education do you have poll.
But no one has really looked into the How old were you when you first started juggling/spinning/staff/unicycling/balloon sculpting thread.

So here it is.
I have noticed alot of people have started when they were reaching their late teens or early 20s...Possibly something to do with the level of maturity at that age? Or just the fact that you can drive, drink (hopefully not both at once), and have nothing else to do? Or that maybe it's more popular with that age group more than any other?
I started getting into it when I was about 15, but it wasn't 16 that I really started learning or practicing anything.

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Posted:at 19 me my brother and a mate started staff then poi at 20, now i mainly do poi (now im 23)
and like 3 weeks back shu gave me some sock poi (love at first spin) they are so cool started juggling at 18 (still not very good)started fire on the staff (just a stick with some socks tied on the end with some wire)F.Y.I. i have knowen Shu since 2001.started fire breathing (very dangerous) like 3 months back and the eating i aint got but thats couse i cant aim very well. thats all from me

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Posted:I was 29 when I first started and did my first fire show with SNOOPoi on NYE 1999/2000 when she was 11.

I feel old frown

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Posted:Last year. Staving is the best stress relief there is.
This year I learned the Devil Sticks.
I'm 21.

I wonder what I should learn next...


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Posted:I started learning Devilsticks when I was about 10 or 11... but kept on putting it down and picking it up, then started again properly about a year and a half ago when I started learning LOADS of stuff...

Started contact juggling at the end of september last year (about a week before I met Nucleopoi and fell in love...)

Started poi a few weeks after that...

started Staff about five months ago...

Haven't looked back since!!

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