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Location: Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
Member Since: 19th Jan 2004
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Posted:We have a how old are you now thread.
We have a what type of education do you have thread.
We have a what level of education do you have poll.
But no one has really looked into the How old were you when you first started juggling/spinning/staff/unicycling/balloon sculpting thread.

So here it is.
I have noticed alot of people have started when they were reaching their late teens or early 20s...Possibly something to do with the level of maturity at that age? Or just the fact that you can drive, drink (hopefully not both at once), and have nothing else to do? Or that maybe it's more popular with that age group more than any other?
I started getting into it when I was about 15, but it wasn't 16 that I really started learning or practicing anything.

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Location: Ilkeston, Derbyshire, England
Member Since: 6th Nov 2004
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Posted:i first started poi a short while after starting uni when i saw a guy iin my halls using a fire devilstick.i went to watch him for a while before we got close and a week later i was going out with him. he introduced me around october time last year.so i have been juggling foor about 5 months.i have been learning devilsticks on and off for about 3 months,started to juggle a moonth ago and have recently invested in a staff.


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Location: Wonderland igloo, Vic, Austral...
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Posted:15, seemed like so long ago.... And i cant believe Aimee is only 16!

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Location: Nuneaton
Member Since: 10th Oct 2004
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Posted:28 lol infact it was the end of last september, and i should really start practicing again as i have not done much in the past 3 months frown

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Location: Surrey/Portsmouth
Member Since: 24th Dec 2004
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Posted:I was...and still am 17! I'm a newbie dont ya know

Location: Byron Bay Australia
Member Since: 22nd Nov 2002
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Posted:I started poi when I was 13 staff when I was 15 and hoops when I was 17 I'm 20 this year so I think it's time to learn something new.

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Adya Miriyana
Adya Miriyana

Location: Adelaide
Member Since: 4th Feb 2005
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Posted:I started poi just last year when i was 18, making me 19 now.

not sure if its a maturity thing.. for me, a procrastination thing.. but then, what isn't for me.. biggrin

I think I was drawn towards poi because it was something unique.. then the poi found me.. literally.. ubblove. I've since discovered like-minded individuals, and the attitude they share is just fantastic!


Location: Guelph, ON, Canada
Member Since: 21st Nov 2003
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Posted:Started at 14, 16 now..... Inspired by a lovely busker act in my hometown, and my friends (inspired by the same buskers) had already been spinning poi for a year... somehow didn't find it as impressive, but when I saw it with fire, was drawn more to it. Funny, because I barely spin fire at all tongue I'm a sock (and beamer!) lover biggrin ubblove shrug

And Faberg, us youngins ain't always so fast to learn! It took me 6 months or so to nail down the foreward btb weave... Sometimes is still a bit sketchy too... blah!

~ Bobo

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Carpal \'Tunnel
Location: Hastings
Member Since: 2nd Jan 2004
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Posted:Written by: Sakura_moon

15, seemed like so long ago.... And i cant believe Aimee is only 16!



Location: Guelph, ON, Canada
Member Since: 21st Nov 2003
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Posted:*pokes Aime*

Nyah nyah! tongue

~ Bobo

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Miss Whippy
Location: Cornwall & Oxford
Member Since: 3rd Jun 2003
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Posted:16 when i started poi, 18 when i started juggling, am 18 now... about time to take up staff methinks biggrin

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Location: Chepstow & Bristol
Member Since: 7th Jul 2004
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Posted:21 for juggling, 22 for staff and CJ, 22 and a bit for poi, 24 for swords and fans, 24 (almost 25 in fact 25 in 10 more days) for diablo - devilsticks in years to come

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pineapple pete
pineapple pete

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Location: melbourne
Member Since: 20th Sep 2004
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Posted:i started fire poi at age 14. duno when i started unlit. started fire eating 6 months ago. started to do paid shows around the same time. turn 16 in one month and about to start floggers, a birthday present to myself

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Location: Oxford, UK
Member Since: 15th Jun 2004
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Posted:I was 25 for the practice and 27 for the fire - now nearly 29 and haven't looked back.



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Location: Tas, Aus
Member Since: 14th Oct 2004
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Posted:started poi when i was 13, i'm 15 now. been doing fire since i was 14

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Location: Northern Beaches, Sydney
Member Since: 6th Jan 2005
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Posted:well it looks like most people start in their teens. i wonder if its some love of danger and risk taking we develope around that age tongue


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Member Since: 21st Jun 2004
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Posted:I was 22. I remember my friend telling me to grab my camera because one of our other housemates was spinning. Having just arrived a week before, I had no idea what they were talking about. Saw the fire and was completely mesmerized. smile It's interesting to see how there are quite a few people who started about that same age, or around 16.... (should take a poll) wink.

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Location: Galway/Ireland
Member Since: 13th May 2004
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Posted:ha ha,

i cant drive either

I was 21 when i saw it.

23 when i picked it up a year ago. I often worry i started to late but then i see all the oldies spinning and i reckon i've laods of time


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Location: Dublin, Ireland
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Posted:*jumps over couch and slaps ado-p upside the head*


*runs away again*

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Member Since: 28th Feb 2005
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Posted:I started spining stick when i was 10 then as a teen got into playing and respecting fire the in 98 i went to Glastonbury for the first time and saw someone spinning a firestaff i had a go and found i was hypnotised by the sound of the flame the poetry of the movement I was hooked! Bought my staff the day i got back.
then i met dom who told me about clapham and i discoverd - CONTACT-The next level of spinning. but untill recently i havent had the time to spin much. so i am rusty. biggrin


Location: Canada
Member Since: 12th May 2004
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Posted:I started spinning poi when I was 40,,,two years ago,,,,staff at 41

Ado-p,, you do have loads of time


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Location: North London.. England
Member Since: 7th Mar 2002
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Posted:started devilstix at 17.. learnt balls at 20 to improve left hand.. saw a cool club trick so i then started that. Dabled with the double staffs a very small ammount then found them again when i was traveling at 29, found poi at 29, and now 33 and still going strong smile

its all about the fun fun fun fun and more fun...


Carpal \'Tunnel
Location: Hampshire College, MA, USA
Member Since: 22nd Dec 2004
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Posted:i started poi when i was 15... like three months ago tongue


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Location: Merced, Ca
Member Since: 2nd Mar 2005
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Posted:44. I started a few months ago. I thought that learning staff would help with my left hand which has nerve damage due to a stroke. angel2

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Location: swansea
Member Since: 9th Mar 2005
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Posted:i never really new what poi was. i had this rope thing to put my keys on and put it over my head to keep it safe, but it never stayed there i used to walk round the streets with my mates just swining it round seeing what i could come up with little did i know it would turn out to be the new love of my life lol.

i then went to a free party and saw this guy spining fire. and for sum reason i just asked for a go and told him i had been spining for ages. picked them up and just let lose. love it so went home and got some of my own.

i was 17 and now i am 18 but really i was about 16 when i started spining my keys


Mr Majestik
Mr Majestik

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Location: home of the tiney toothy bear
Member Since: 9th Mar 2004
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Posted:at age six i got a book about a guy called Jerome who became a juggler in a circus.--addicted.

hmm, there was a diablo craze in Australia when i was in grade 3, must've been about 8.

i First learnt to juggle when i was 12, 15 when i juggled clubs, 16ish when i juggled torches, 17(this year) when i juggled knives.

first did poi when i was 12 and a half, then left it until i was 15 and picked up staff and poi again(with fire) it seems to comes naturally

started shredding at school with friends at lunch last year, not too bad.

with a little devil sticks and contact juggling on the side, only a little.

Oh yeh, made myself a rola bola in the chrissie holidays, ordered a uni on tuesday.

i think i'm starting to scare myself, please tell me i'm not the only one!

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Member Since: 26th May 2004
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Posted:eek U started really, really young... u must be pro! tongue

Are you?

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Location: WNY, USA
Member Since: 15th Dec 2000
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Posted:I got into magic (though I really suck at it) when I was little.
When I was 5 I wanted to marry David Copperfield and be a Solid Gold dancer redface
Then my parents worked alot of carnival/fair midways and my Uncle worked the backend at a tattist.
My cousin and I used to hang by the freakshow (it wasn't a full fledged sideshow there). Can you say smitten by the bannerline?
(Though ticked that the unicorn inside was a goat and not a horse!)
Then I saw a RB&B&B circus with school and it was over for me.

My parents wouldn't let me take any lessons in any form of circus arts so I did gymnastics and dance for years. In college/uni I took theater and began to teach myself stunts when several of the "professionals" of the time told me girls were the assistants and men were the showmen.

Yeah, not a good thing to say to me.
The rest of that story is smattered about here on HoP.

I researched until I had a hard time finding stuff (for months and months), did experiments for safety and went on my way.

Didn't start Poi or Staves until my early twenties. I did other stuff, and focussed primarily on the many facets of fire eating/breathing. I am now in my early 30's with a *much* greater repetoire. I still research heavily everything I do, and enjoy learning at least one new toy/act per every 4-6 months.

I still can't juggle well or do very good sleight of hand though. frown

Ah well...it's a trade off.

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Member Since: 23rd Oct 2004
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Posted:Started poi about a year and a half ago, at age 30 after watching a (new at the time) friend spin fire a few times. Now spin staff as well, can just about juggle and do a bit of contact.

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Location: VIC, MELB
Member Since: 12th Jan 2004
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Posted:I started staff and juggling when i was 18 went onto poi when i was 19 and then i started contact juggling and have recently taken up three sectional. am currently 21. jack of all trades master of none lol.

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Stainless Munchkin
Stainless Munchkin

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Posted:staff and poi when I was 15, 1 year ago, im a newbie smile

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