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Posted:In conversation with some HoP members, they've told me that, before I mentioned something in conversation with them which made it obvious I was female, they thought I was male.

Having been a member on HoP for 2 years, this has been said far more than I originally expected it to, even from people who have been here around the same length of time as me. I uploaded a photograph which actually shows my face close up into my gallery for the first time yesterday (a bit late I know redface ) and more people have now admitted that they previously thought I was male.

And I don't mind at all. On the contrary - I find it funny biggrin - I'm just curious about how people have come to that conclusion.

Without a photograph or many references to one's gender, I think we do tend to have a vague picture of what someone looks like from how they write online. But what is it about that which makes us think of that person as one gender, when there should be just as much chance of them being the other? Do you tend to think of someone as your own gender, or the opoosite, without these clues?

Has it happened to you? Are you also a female who has been mistaken for a male? I think I've only ever heard of those instances, but there must be some males who have been mistaken for females online.


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Posted:I used to get mistaken as being male alot on here.

People also look at me very strangely in real life too, when I tell them what my name is (its Flynt), and that always makes them curious, sometimes aggressively so...

I really do think its odd. Why does gender mean so much anywyas? Not trying to get into the whole deep discussion part of it, but I guess it doesnt bother me all that much.

always been a tomboy anyways wink

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Posted:Written by: shen shui

i thought you were a girl, munky. hug

thanks! hug You were one I was unsure of. I thought you were a guy, and then the whole acupuncture thing threw me. Bad gender assumptions about a healer. redface

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Posted:theres not really much confusion with me..


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Posted:People think I'm a guy. Then they see my pic gallery. I'm clearly not.

But it is kinda funny biggrin

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Posted:I've been considered to be a bit of a git on occasion, but a bloke, never to my knowledge.

There is a slight possibility that I am not actually right all of the time.


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