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Posted:i know it would be to much to much to ask for a business plan or a hand book but could anyone point me in the direction of
'how to set up circus'

I know i've been eating too much GRASS again but i have a friend who can get a big top and you know ...... is anyone up for joining in about .....2 yrs?


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Posted:Can't get that specific, but here are a couple of useful tools that might help you in planning:

SWOT Analysis

Write down the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats.
Strengths are the good bits about you plan that will definitely work. Weaknesses are the bits in your plan that are the negatives to it. Opportunities are all the things you can take advantage of to mkae it work. Threats are all the possible things that could happen that would make it impossible.


Draw a circle and label it "me", radiating from this, draw lines to link up all your friends and contacts. Ask all of them if they know someone who can help you. They may well list a few people. Then it is time to get in touch with those people, they might be able to help you, or know someone who will. The help can be in any form, business structure, marketing, equipment hire, performers, etc.

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Posted:Oh, oh can i join????, i've been telling my mum for years that i'm gonna run away and join the circus!!!!!
Can i be a clown, with a big red nose and HUGE red shoes, hehe.
Last night i met some pixies and we danced around a stone.

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Posted:Ive been wanting to join a circus like in a year after ive finished my A Levels and i have a Year out. I was wondering if there were any circus's or Fire Spinning Groups which travel around the world. Or Country. I just wanted to do soem performing in my year out. Anyone know anything. Te Pooka?

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Posted:I would LOVE to get paid for Contact Juggling, enough to live of it. In fact any sort of juggling/spinning...

That would be a dream come true...

One day, it might actually happen...

*Wishful Thinking* I wouldn't mind one day to be on a stage, with loads of people watching... Bah, maybe when I'm actually any good...

I would think that there are many ways of going about it... Start a Fire Troupe, or set yourself up as a solo performer... But most of all, Think Insurance and advertising.

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Posted:or go to circus school for a few months. It's like uni, only teaching you something useful. wink

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Posted:yeah i no of someone thats doing it.
when i talked to her, she said that she was on her way to clown school ubblol
but that is aaaaall the way over in new zealand

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Posted:ooo a circus being set up...in gloucester! i may just have too join

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Posted:I can offer no help whatsoever, as I don't know anything about setting up circuses at all, but your subject line made me think of those Victorian toy circuses, with everything in minature and absolutely perfect. So thanks for that and good luck! Oh, I am a lawyer, so if you need on-site legal advice in exchange for watching cool circus stuff, I'm your girl.

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