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Forums > Social Chat > Would anyone like to help me go to college?

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Posted:Hi all. It's me, Noir. Hows eveeeerybody doing. Well, last time I was here, I was in high-school, last grade and all. I graduated, and I have now applied for College in the fall. The problem here is money. I'm going to be doing fire-spinning downtown, as well as juggling *Hopefully my street performing makes me some cash* but I still think I'm going to fall short. Soo, I've decided to make a website. I'm hoping a few people will be able to donate a dollar to my little fund. Anyways, its all on this website. The Send Chris to College Fund

Please click, and take a look. You don't have to donate if you don't want to.

I'll also be posting images I'm going to be having taken on there this summer, when me and my friend go busking. juggle


Flame Boy
Flame Boy

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Posted:Have you thought about getting a job? umm

Why dont you do something extraordinary and get peeps to give you money for doing that, eg Poi across Canada or something that'll really get peeps attention (you could give some of it to charity to give peeps a little more incentive to empty their pockets).


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Posted:Not meaning to sound harsh or anything, but why don't you get yourself a proper summer job (instead of busking) and try to pay for yourself in college.

Everyone else on HoP who's gone through higher education has found a way to pay for it themselves (I used to do Uni work till about 6pm, grab some food, be in work at 7.30, and finish at 4am).

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Posted:Am I the only one who feels that is the wrong place for something like that? I dont mean it bad just... I'm a single parent mother student and I would never.. na not starting that one nevermind


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Flame Boy
Flame Boy

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Posted:Say it if you want to babajaga............you obviously do want to cos otherwise you wouldnt have made the post smile

AAARRRGGGHHH!!! My giant stick broke!!! In two!!! My stick broke in two!!! ubbcrying

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Posted:im going to helo you by not helping, that way you learn to help yourself wink

seriously best of luck bro

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Posted:i think that i've got to agree with everyone here. it can't be that hard to find a decent job these days, especailly in canada. we're running one of the best economies we've had in 10 years. and if you're doing mech eng than i would suggest looking for a job with a plumbing and mechanical company. one of the best ways to actually learn what you'll be designing. practical over theoretical.

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