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Posted:I was thinking the other day about how I never do any moves in the floor or ceiling planes. I can't remember the last time I did a corkscrew, let alone anything more complicated. And there is hardly ever any discussion of floor plane moves in this forum, and I can't remember anyone ever coming up with genuinely new things to do in these planes. Add that to the fact that you basically have to force things to get in and out of these planes (unlike wall<->wheel plane transitions which are done by turning 90 degrees) I'm coming to the conclusion that there's very little point to these planes.

So who disagrees? Who can show me a move that's more interesting or pretty than just another windmill/buzzsaw/watermill turned on its side smile

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I might wanna start a thread about this soon...

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Posted:bounce2 bounce bounce2 Hey, Have you ever thought of kneeling down when spinning? then you just lean back and take the Poi with you (best when spinning a butterfly but could be adapted to other moves). Ok so the kneeling down part is hardly graceful and requires a deal of flexibility but it always adds vareity and seems to impress people if you make it look like its difficult!

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Posted:So who disagrees? Who can show me a move that's more interesting or pretty than just another windmill/buzzsaw/watermill turned on its side smile

I disagree upside down TTN can be done celing plane and it continually spirals upward and loooks killer. Do 5 beat windmills and your upper wrist wrap will be on the celing plane. YOu can even over wrap on one wrist thats unwrapping on same side as handle is on.
Windmill to spiral on celing plane. Spirals out and upside down.
Do butterflies forwards and tilt teh plane nearly horizontal and you can jump and spin both Poi under your feet floor plane. ankle snakes are almost on the floor plane but are contact Poi Tricks.

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Posted:those horizontal buzzsaw hyperloops are wicked, gives a well good double helix effect going up and back down again biggrin