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Okay, I love you people and that's why I'm asking you first.

Normally I'm a glowsticker, that is and always will be my first obsession. However, I'm trying to learn more and more poi simply because I am ammazed as what you people can do. This is what I need your help with. I want to finally make the big step and buy myself a pair of fabric poi (not fire simply because I NEVER plan to use fire, I'm not that crazy). The one catch is this, I don't want tails.

I've seen poi that do not have tails, and I know they are out there, but I can't find them. I've looked in the shopping section of HoP, but all I was able to find were those fluffy poi... and that just isn't what I'm looking for. For an example, look at the spinach sessions volume 1 the first set of poi that are used. They do exist, I know they're out there, but I can not find them. I may be looking in the wrong area or something like that, but I finally gave up and came to you guys and girls for help.

Thanks in advance.

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